Crafty+ Vaporizer

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Crafty+ Vaporizer
  • Designed and made in Germany by Storz & Bickel.
  • Small and compact vape with super precise temperature control.
  • Features the Free Smartphone App at Google Play Store to control the Crafty directly from your phone.
  • Comes with  2 Years Manufacturers Warranty.
Crafty+ Vaporizer
Crafty+ Vaporizer


The Storz & Bickel Crafty+ is the successor of the popular Crafty vaporizer. It is the smallest Storz&Bickel vaporizer by the German manufacturer, Storz&Bickel. Despite the compact size, it is a very powerful portable dry herb vaporizer.

The new Crafty+ vaporizer heats up approximately 30% faster than the original Crafty. It also features a new housing material and a redesigned grip.

Storz and Bickel has also improved the electronics all around in the Crafty+ and optimized the circuit board for better performance.

Check out our short video below, introducing the Crafty to you:

Design of the Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty is 110 mm x 57mm x 33 mm, a pack a punch vape, just like the other famous Storz&Bickel vaporizers. It is easy to carry into your bag, weighing only 135 grams, so you can enjoy your dry herbs even while out and about.

Though, not looking like your usual portable vaporizer, the Crafty’s construction is robust and provides a good grip when you use it.

It also comes with LED light to indicate when the device is heating up, however, you also have the option to switch it off, if you wish or if you are operating the Crafty via the smartphone app.

With a single button operation, the Crafty is one portable vape that’s so easy to use. And with a mouthpiece that sticks out, it allows you to enjoy a comfortable draw.


Heating Chamber of the Crafty+

Equipped with an aluminum chamber, it can accommodate up to 0.3 grams of finely ground dry herbs. But if you prefer to vaporize liquid, the kit comes with a liquid pad that perfectly fits into the chamber.

Filling the chamber is super easy with or without using the filling aid, that comes with the Crafty+ kit. With its big opening, cleaning the chamber is also simple and easy, using the supplied cleaning brush.

Temperature Range

Pressing the Crafty’s single button once, activates the unit and heats it up to 180°C (356°F). By double-clicking the power button, the temperature is boosted to 195°C (383°F).

Tripple pressing the power button activates the super-boost and heats the chamber up to the maximum of 210 °C (410 °F).

But that’s not all, the Crafty+ is built with Bluetooth connectivity. You can adjust the temperature level using your smartphone to suit your personal preference.

The Crafty+ (like the Mighty) uses a vaporizing technology that involves full hot air convection heating, combined with conduction.

The convection heating ensures that vapor is instantly and continuously generated, while the conduction technology is responsible for vapor being generated very quickly.

Battery Life of the Crafty+

The Crafty+ comes with a built-in single battery that can last up to approximately 60 minutes on a full charge,  depending on set temps. As a safety and battery saving feature, it goes into auto shut off mode after a minute of non-activity which is determined by the chamber temperature.

Storz and Bickel has upgraded their battery design, so the battery of the Crafty+ lasts longer than the previous versions.

Extra Features

Aside from the advanced heating technology that allows the Crafty to produce high-quality vapor, Storz & Bickel added extra features for the user to enjoy it more.

Smartphone App that allows you to operate and have full control of the Crafty directly from your phone. The app is currently not available for download at the Apple Store but you can get it in Google Play free of charge.

Vibration Mechanism – the device vibrates when it reaches the preset or booster temperature.

Pass-through Charging gives you the option to use the device even while charging.


With all that innovative German engineering packed into the Crafty’s small frame, it is backed by a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind, that your device is made to a high standard and will last a long time. You can get an extra year of warranty by registering your vaporizer on the Storz & Bickel website.

9Expert Score
Crafty+ Vaporizer
Outstanding vapor quality
A German engineered and made portable herbal vaporizer
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
  • Incredible vapor quality
  • Large baking chamber
  • Work with or without mobile app
  • Battery is not replaceable
  • Tends to break down more than some other vapes

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10 reviews for Crafty+ Vaporizer

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  1. tonerstoner

    Crafty….i love you! I am a fitness instructor that enjoys a bit of fun every now and then, i did not want to smoke my herbs so i looked into different ways and found the crafty! I am still fit as a fiddle and i get to enjoy life!
    The only thing i get annoyed with, is the life span of the battery! It goes off quick so we keep it charging even when in use!
    Other than that, definately a thing you need to have if you are into smoking 🙂

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  2. Stephen

    After giving up ciggies I decided it was time to also give up other forms of smoking. After much research I decided to try the Crafty.

    This is definitely the most expensive product on the market however it did come with a 2 year warranty and l was going to be using it everyday. Doing the math (over 2 year period) that is less that $2 a day and I think my health is worth that.

    Moving from a pipe was definitely an adjustment. Although I had been using it “all natural” the hit is definitely lower initially and does take some getting use to. The secret to using the crafty is to pre heat it and to ensure you fill the chamber to the top or use the pads provided if you prefer a smaller amount.

    The chamber is around the size of a thumb, so it’s not small. The crafty comes with an App where you can set the temperature. For smokers moving across to this unit you will probably want to set it at the max 210c. Another point of note that unlike smoking, you can suck on the vape longer.

    Something I have really only come to terms with recently. So in a way, you actually get more for your money. You also want to set the vape to at least 200c to get benefits from it. Will leave that to you to read up on.

    I became accustomed to it pretty fast. The unit is solid. After a few months of use the product still looks brand new. It is obviously made to last which is rare these days. Another contributing factor in buying this model was that it is touted as portable. It is. The crafty easily fits in my pocket. .

    The battery life of the crafty is not great. But really depends on how often you use it, if using it daily you will want to charge it daily. I would probably choose the Mighty which has 2 batteries if I had the choice again. However, that unit does not look as portable.

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  3. Rusty

    I’ve had the crafty for about two months now and absolutely love it. Storz and bickel have thought about all the fine details, and using/cleaning the crafty doesn’t feel fiddly at all. the included filling tool is genius, just pop it and push in some herbs, all the other vapes i’ve tried you had to manually fill the tiny chambers which always involves getting stuff everywhere.

    It’s probably got one of the longer heat up times, but this is due to the convection heating style and in my opinion a decent trade off for the efficiency of the device and the quality of the vapor. Obviously in terms of price it’s one of the more expensive ones, but it feels like a quality product and storz and bickel are well known for their good customer service.

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  4. Rolman

    The Crafty is amazing, I wont go back to combustion again. It does take a little while to heat up but once it’s ready to go it tastes nice and produces thick and powerful vapor. I’d Highly recommend this vape. And if you want a smoother vapor I’d recommend grinding fine and packing it tight with the oil pad on top of the herb to filter what comes through.

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  5. VapFan

    Simply it’s awesome. It’s portable, easy to use, effective and looks nice. I have used another vape and it didn’t have proper temperature control and either didn’t produce good vapor or burnt the herb. I read many reviews and the crafty was by far the best and I would agree.

    It does take a little while to heat up and by it is very effective and it’s nice to be able to take a few puffs and then just turn it off and leave it. And I’d second the last review on packing it tight with fine grind and using the oil pad to filter the stream of vapor

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  6. Nelson

    A magic machine. A bit dear, but these days you pay for what you get. True. It’s the best I’ve tried. Shame about the battery. I reckon they could have done a better job that that.
    It almost pays to just leave it on charge full time. Imagine what a top vaporizer will be like in 10 years. The size of a match box ?

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  7. Samuel S

    The Crafty is definitely one of the best portable vape on the 2015 market. Quality and taste of the vape are superb.

    The only 2 bed points i could find using a Crafty few times are the extremely short charging cable (0.7 m charging cable is definitely to short for this high quality, high priced product and if battery is completely flat you have to wait approx 20 min before you can start use the Crafty while in charging), and the fact that you can run the Crafty Remote Control APP only with certain smartphones.

    For example if you want to run the app with Android make sure that you have a 4. 3 JELLY BEAM version or more other ways you wont be able to run the APP on your smartphone. I even contact personally STORZ and BICKEL in Germany and after few emails i still waiting for a final answer, meanwhile i can not run the App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as Android 4 1 2 Jelly Beam is to old for the App.

    Apart those 2 down points the Crafty is a very good vape.

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  8. I_Live_at _#_420

    I had been thinking about picking up a crafty for almost 12 months, since they first came out. The one thing that held me back was ultimately the cost, as I sure others can relate. However 12+ months from its inception this Vape was still leading its competitors in reviews.

    So I took the plunge and have never looked back. The biggest worry I had was that the machine would not pack as much of a punch as as other conventional methods. The first trail put that concern to rest, its creates a super smooth draw, brilliant taste and much to my delight one hell of a hit.

    In short, if you thinking about by one of these, think of it as a investment. this unit is solid, performs at the highest standards, and will never disappoint. And while the battery life may not be as long as some would like, with the size of portable battery packs these days this leave little to worry about about.

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  9. Anon ‘E Mouse

    I have owned several portable vaporisers including the Pax, the Whisper (gas) and the K-Vape, and the Crafty is by far the best. Its well built, has a decent size chamber and great airflow. The battery life could do with some improvement but it’s not bad. I’m sorry I bothered with the others, I should have bought the Crafty the first time around.

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  10. Carl

    Here’s an email I sent Planet of the Vapes, where I bought the crafty, Planet of the Vapes are a great company, they are concerned how I make out with be & B. The crafty which in my opinion is junk, and Storz and Bickel has the worst customer support, I have ever encountered


    Planet of the Vapes Support
    1 message
    No attachment
    8:02 AM
    Re: New customer message on August 14, 2021 at 9:47 am
    Update Here it is August 21 2021, and I still haven’t had my original problem (broken plastic on Crafty, which I originally wrote to you guys about), repaired or replaced by Storz and Bickel. Its been about two months since I first contacted them. The process at Storz and Bickel is always the same, seems to be automated,. You contact ” customer support ” they tell you to submit an RMA, you do that, then you get a canned email saying they are sending a shipping box, put your crafty in the box and send it back to us…then after a couple weeks, they send you an email, so you can ” rate their customer service ” even though the original problem hasn’t been taken care of . I have yet to receive this shipping box they keep saying that they are sending me, even though they have my correct address. I have been through this same process four times for the same issue, and its still not fixed or replaced. I was tired of getting the run around from Storz and Bickel, on this issue, so repaired the crafty myself so that I could at least use it. I thought I was done trying to get my warranty honored by S&B. Today the on/off switch on my crafty stopped working, it won’t turn on, even though the battery is fully charged. I can’t even use it now. I don’t even feel like dealing with Storz and Bickel anymore, after all the runaround they have been giving me, might just toss the crafty, and chalk it up as a lesson learned. After reading all of the high ratings for Storz and Bickel products, and the Crafty in particular, I bought one from you guys, you guys are excellent, but I will never buy another Storz and Bickel product, in my opinion their crafty is an inferior product, and their ” customer support ” is almost non=existant. Thanks

    + PROS: Makes good vapor when it works
    - CONS: Terrible customer service and shoddy craftsmanship
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