Mighty Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer


The Storz and Bickel Mighty is a powerful portable herbal vaporizer that everyone can use.

The unit is popular among VapeFuse community members because it produces a good tasting clear vapor which is obvious in every draw.

Regardless if you are new to dry herb vaporzing or if you have been vaping for a while, the Storz and Bickel Mighty could be a device for you.

The Mighty is built to last and is very easy to maintain, however, replacing parts from time to time like the mouthpiece, cooling unit and ring caps is a must to get that Mighty awesome performance.

Check out our short video below, introducing the Mighty to you:

Design of the Mighty Vaporizer

Not small at 140mm x 80mm x 30mm and 235g, the Mighty is still small enough to slip into your bag for you to enjoy a potent vapor sensation on the go.

With a simple interface, the device is very easy to operate. On/Off button on the side and +/- buttons to adjust the temperature at the side of the large LED display that allows you to visually see both the SET and ACTUAL temperature.


Heating Chamber of the Mighty

Similar to its little brother the Crafty, the Mighty comes with an aluminium chamber that comes with a wide opening for easy fill of material with or without the use of the filling aid that comes in the box. If you prefer concentrates of liquid, a specially designed liquid pad can be used and fits snugly into the chamber.

Utilising full hot air convection heating, combined with conduction, the chamber gets heated continuously to bring the full flavor out of your dry blend or concentrates fast.

Temperature Range

The Mighty comes with a wide temperature range between 40-210°C and can be adjusted using the +/- buttons. You can choose to display the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit on its large LCD screen.

Battery life of the Mighty

A built-in dual Lithium-Ion battery provides a long operating time for this highly efficient vaporizer. An auto shut off feature after 60 seconds of inactivity allows you to save battery and avoid over-toasting your blend in the chamber.

Storz & Bickel has upgraded its battery design with  20% more power, so the battery of the devices lasts even longer now.

Mighty Vaporizer Larger Battery

And when it’s time to charge, the Mighty has a proprietary charger, and doesn’t work with a standard USB cable. So ensure you use only the provided USB cable in the kit.

Extra Features

With all simplicity in its look, the Mighty packs a punch in the vaping department, thanks to the advanced technology and superb design, as well as the extra features it comes with.

Vibration function to let you know, when the device has reached the set temperature and ready for you to vape.
Pass-through Charging which allows you to use the device as it is charging which provides no room for downtime.

Volcano Mighty Vaporizer Graphics


Storz&Bickel provides 2-year warranty for the Mighty portable vaporizer to back its high-quality manufacturing standard and high performance.

What’s in the box?

Check out a short VapeFuse video below to show you what you get in the box when your Mighty arrives:

The Mighty is well known for its pure, thick, quality vapor production, long battery life and user-friendly operation. It may not be the most discreet portable vape on the market, but it certainly is going to be high on everyone’s “BEST portable vape” list.

9Expert Score
Mighty Vaporizer
The beast of herbal vaporizers
A game changer portable vaporizer. German made and engineered powerhouse.
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
  • Incredible vapor quality
  • German made with 2 years warranty
  • Large double battery pack
  • Priced on the higher end


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  1. Rodders

    I’ve used the Mighty for about 6 months now, I don’t think I’ll bother with any other portable vape.
    Having previously tried a few other vape products in the lower price range I was getting frustrated with an all round poor quality experience.

    The Mighty has a great draw that really brings out the sweet taste of your herb and it vaporizes your herb evenly throughout so you get the most out of it.
    Although the price is in the high end of the vape market you really do get value for money!
    Storz & Bickel have incorporated a sleek design that is discreet and easy to use.

    I do recommend that you keep your charger handy though.
    This is a power hungry unit and it always works best when it’s fully charged as the heating time slows as the battery power level goes down.

    The Mighty gets a big thumbs up from me!
    Hope you will enjoy the experience too

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  2. Edwin

    A really good portable vaporiser that I have been recommending to everyone. Very easy to use and load using the filler that comes with it. Vapour, I find better than any other portable vaporiser I tried before and it is very efficient. I really like the Mighty, though I’d love if it was easier to make it stand, as that would help with feeling the chamber. Apart from that it is perfect for what I need it for and as I mentioned I am very happy to recommend it. Worth the money.

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  3. Bluva

    In terms of the most important thing for me (vapor quality), this is simply the best there is for a portable.

    So what, the unit doesn’t stand up straight, who really cares?

    I’ve been using this since March of this year. Has been dropped a few times (big drops). My unit has a little rattling noise when I shake it but apart from that, it works as well as the day I got it.

    I’ve used many other vaporizers in the past, nothing can hold a candle to my beloved mighty!

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  4. Joe

    I understanding this is a product review however I need to take the time to thank everyone at Vape Fuse. They have been wonderful despite a hiccup in the delivery and they replaced the product at no extra charge.
    The Mighty is smooth, great Vape quality and must have in any smokers inventory.

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  5. Che

    It has all the German quality craftmanship, designed for ease of use. Lots to love…cute little dab pads . I like to use the metal shot thing with herb/dab/herb. Excellent product. I am the envy of all my friends!

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  6. Michael O’Shea

    I own 3 of these vapes. They are, by far, the best portable vaporizers on the market, in my opinion. (I’ve tried many different vapes). The only problem I have come across is that the display is flimsy, and all 3 have had to be returned for repair because the display goes black or fades out. Seems to be poorly mounted, as shaking the vape will often make the display come back on. Other that that (which is a huge issue they need to address), I highly recommend this unit. I haven’t found another that approaches the quality of the vape you get!

    + PROS: Pretty much everything. Great vaping, easy to use.
    - CONS: The display is fragile and "Will" go bad. (3 units... all have display issues and need to be returned for repair... one for the second time)
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