THC-O Flower

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Ingredients: Farm Bill Compliant Hemp Flower with Hemp Derived THC-O Oil, Natural Terpenes, Botanical Terpenes, CBD Kief.

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THC-O Flower

THC-O flower has arrived to Elyxr, offering a whole new, versatile way to enjoy the potent effects of THC-O, along with the naturally full spectrum experience that comes from raw, terpene-packed hemp flower buds.

Candy Kush

A long-lasting, deeply soothing, and heavy-hitting cultivar with notes of fruity and sweet candy, capable of ridding the mind of negative thoughts and filling your awareness with euphoric bliss.

Lava Cake

With notes of rich chocolate, fresh mint and sweet fruits, Lava Cake is one of the tastiest strains out there, all while offering feelings of euphoric introspection and creativity, paired with a warm and fuzzy body buzz.

Strawberry Cane

A super rare cultivar known for its outrageously bold strawberry taste, and its ability to lift the spirits, enhance awareness, and boost your creativity.

Gold Lemon

A beautifully citrusy sativa that’s great for those times when you need a creativity boost, enhancing focus, awareness, and energy all at once, before a rush of heaviness takes over the limbs of the body.

Nerds OG

Named after the popular treat from which it mimics its flavor profile, Nerds OG promises hours of euphoria and introspection to take you on a journey like never before.

Black Cherry Punch

An extremely potent strain known for its rich black cherry flavor, with a cerebral buzz that begins as a tingly sensation behind the eyes, before you’ve entered a state of hazy, unbridled happiness.


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