Delta 8 Gummies (500mg)

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Delta 8 Gummies (500mg)

Delta 8 THC Gummies 500mg

Enjoy the relaxing and mind soothing effects of our Delta 8 gummies. They come in a 20 pack, with each gummy containing 25mgs of Delta 8 oil. All of our Delta 8 oil is extracted from the best US grown farmers to provide the purest extract for our gummies.

We’re proud of the quality of the work that went into making these gummies and are happy to see our customers love them just as much. Many praise our gummies’ tasty flavors and others mention how they benefit from its strong effects. You choose from six individual flavors or go with the party pack which contains the five best flavors if you’re unsure which one to try first.

Our 25mg Delta 8 THC gummies deliver a calming body sensation. Comes in a 500mg pack with 20 pieces containing 25mg each.


This hybrid will take you right back to Grandma’s cherry pie with its sweet and fruity taste. A great treat to pop in your mouth whenever you feel the need for a boosted effect.


his gummy not only tastes like one of the juiciest fruits, but also packs a great punch for whenever you need a calming touch. Definitely worth adding to your bedtime routine.


A delectable choice and usual favorite, these grape flavored gummies will make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more

Blue Razz

Attention all lovers of fruit! These are perfect for you if you enjoy consuming blueberries and raspberries. Each gummy features a flavorful blend of blueberry and raspberry that is sure to whet your appetite.


These gummies burst with the flavor of a fresh orange that has been prepared very carefully. It has a light and chewy consistency, and the aftertaste is not bitter at all, unlike the aftertaste of some other gummies.

BLUE RAZZ: An all time favorite, the blue razz gummy is the perfect balance sweet and sour, and a great addition to a relaxing afternoon.

CHERRY: Our cherry flavor gummy offers a deliciousness and relaxation all at the same time. Perfect for those who lean on the sweet and sour side.

ORANGE: This delicious gummy flavor is great for a mellow and relaxing time, and most perfect for those who enjoy a strong fruity and citrusy flavor.

MANGO: This fruity and chewy gummy is perfect for a chill day in and tastes even better when shared with friends!

WATERMELON: Our sweet and chewy watermelon gummy is guaranteed to provide you with complete relaxation.

PARTY PACK: It’s always a party with our fun-packed party pack! Contains 4 of each of our 5 flavors, so you don’t have to choose from just 1 of your favorites.

VARIETY PACK: Our variety pack cones with all 7 flavors so you can try them all 🙂 120 gummies total

SAMPLE PACK: Contains 1 gummy of each of our 5 delicious flavors, allowing you to try your future favorite!

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar gelatin, lactic acid, pectin, artificial flavors and colors, vegetable oil and carnauba wax.

Active Ingredients: D8 Oil


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