Delta 10 Distillate (70%)

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Elyxr’s Delta-10 distillate, the newest addition to the cannabis family, offers a unique, relaxing and euphoric experience. Learn more here.

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Delta 10 Distillate (70%)

Do you love delta 10 THC? Our Delta 10 Distillate offers a phenomenally pure form of delta 10, without any added ingredients – in other words, the ultra-concentrated, purified form of delta 10 that’s ready to be incorporated into your favorite recipe, sprinkled onto some flower or turned into a homemade topical, tincture or whatever else you have in mind.


Several ways are available to consume distillates, including vaporizing, topping off your joint or bowl, or even sublingually. It can also be used to make edibles of any type of food you prefer, just be sure to look up some recipes.


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