Delta 10 Dabs (1 Gram)

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Delta 10 Dabs (1 Gram)

Want to take your delta 10 THC game to the next level? Our Delta 10 Dabs offer a potent concentrate derived exclusively from hemp, to give you the most powerful way to enjoy the psychoactive cannabinoid’s uplifting, sativa-like effects.

Available in some of the most in-demand strains on the market, are dabs offer exceptional purity, and have an unbelievable flavor thanks to the freshness of the terpenes extracted with care.


Since this is concentrated levels of cannabinoids, begin by pulling apart a small amount of the dab – about a fingernail’s worth. From there, you can lace your joint and/or blunt with it, or dab it using a rig. You can gradually adjust the amount until you get the results you’d like. Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Delta 10 Thc With An Extra Kick

Dabbing gives you the most potent way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids. These ultra-concentrated products are 100% hemp-derived, and offer up stronger servings of cannabinoids and terpenes per puff. Our Delta 10 Dabs come in 1-gram airtight containers, and are ready for your dabbing pleasure, to give you the most powerful delta 10 high imaginable.

You’ll be pleased to see that our dabs are made using the most advanced extraction methods available to the industry, offering exceptional purity levels that directly translate to maximum satisfaction. So, grab your favorite rig or dab pen and experience delta 10 like never before.


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