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Why Invest in a Portable Vaporizer

So you are always on the go, work keeps you hopping around, you are always outdoors or taking trips instead of being stuck indoors, right? So if you are a “vaper” and on the go… you should have by now invested in a portable device and if you haven’t, then you are at the right place!

Think of the advantages of owning a vape device which you can take everywhere you go! You can vape your favorite herbs, enjoy their benefits no matter where you are.

Portable vaporizers have been growing in popularity and a lot of people may be asking the same questions as you right now like,

What all the fuss is about?
What are the benefits of vaping on the go?
For proper vaping, What machine should I invest in?
How do I know what dry herbs work for what?

The amount of questions you might have can seem overwhelming, but VapeFuse is here to help you!

Firstly, “What all the fuss is about?”, well the best way to outline why people are moving towards using portable devices is to outline the following:

Top 5 Reasons People Invest in a Portable Vaporizer


  1. Device to keep in your pocket or bag, so you can enjoy it no matter where you are
  2. Quick to set up and clean
  3. Able to enjoy the benefits of your favorite herbs no matter your location
  4. Many different brands and types of devices to choose from, so you can select one to suit your style
  5. Generally speaking, cheaper than a Desktop device, so it’s perfect if you are on a budget

Portable Vaporizers


What are the Benefits of Vaping on the go?


Vaping on the go could bring you a lot of benefits depending on who you are and why you vape. Here are some examples:

If you suffer from stress or anxiety and often turn to chamomile herbs or lavender to ease the symptoms, imagine having access to your herbs and relief anywhere you go!

Some people sweat excessively and if you feel self-conscious about it, you may enjoy being able to vape sage on the go to ease your worries.

Lastly, if you are going out for a big meal or going to spend a few days on holidays indulging in good food, your portable device can help digestion by allowing you to vape some green tea leaves.. great huh?


For Proper Vaping, What Machine Should I Invest in?


The most important thing to remember when purchasing your portable vaporizer is to invest in a device that allows you complete temperature control. Temperature control is a vital component when it come to therapeutic vaping.


Why is Temperature Control So Important When You are On the Go?


Firstly, dry herbs all need to be vaped at varying temperatures, this allows those relieving chemicals within the plant to be in full effect when you have complete control over the temperature you can guarantee a more accurate effect, no matter the dry herb you’re using.

Therapeutic vaping is meant to help ease or enhance certain sensations and when you are traveling or out and about you need to make sure you are getting the best experience and most from your herbs in the short space of time you have free to enjoy it. Having that control of the temperature of your device will give you the full benefits you require.

VapeFuse carries a great selection of high quality portable vaporizers that offer total temperature control.


How Do I Know What Dry Herbs Work for What?


Below is a guide to how vaping on the go can make sure you can still enjoy the benefits of your herbs while out and about.

A Guide to Vaping on the Go 

Dry Herb Therapeutic Benefit Recommended Temperature Expected Taste

Relieves excessive sweating to sore throats, stimulates a woman’s body to encourage regular menstrual cycles, as well as encourage proper digestion. Also for alleviate sore throats and to clear inflammation

257 Fahrenheit /
125 Celsius

 Slightly bitter best when mixed with other flavours


Relaxation, pain relief (especially for headaches and muscle aches), anxiety relief, and a general sense of well being

266 Fahrenheit /
130 Celsius

 Taste like it smells,very floral, light, and sweet.


Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, relaxant, carminative, nervine. Also eases headaches, nervous conditions, depression and can also help with indigestion

374 Fahrenheit /

190 Celsius

 Often described as being fruity or suggesting fruit slightly. It can have a bitter or sour aftertaste, especially if brewed strongly.


Antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiviral, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive, emmenagogue, febrifuge, sedative, and tonic. Lemon Balm contains a volatile oil citral and citronellal which is strongly antispasmodic and aids in calming nerves, relieving menstrual cramps, insomnia, depression, hyperthyroidism, and upset stomach.

288 Fahrenheit /

142 Celsius

 A mild lemony taste.


Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, hypotensive sedative, tranquilizing.

309 Fahrenheit /

154 Celsius

 A pleasant, very mild but unusual taste, much like its fragrance, that is hard to describe.

green tea

Anti-irritant, soothing, anti-ache, aid in digestion and depression.

353 Fahrenheit /

178 Celsius

 Taste exactly drinking green tea.


Nerve tonic, antidepressant, urinary antiseptic.

374 Fahrenheit /

190 Celsius

 Is considered an acquired taste and related to the passion flower


Treats diabetes, metabolic syndrome – high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, belly fat, weight loss, impairs the taste of sugars

359 Fahrenheit

 Fresh, Earthy


Anti nausea, ease of labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. Also is used to aleve colds, sore throats and upset stomach.

374 Fahrenheit

 Mild raspberry taste.


Stimulates alertness and energy. Also relieves muscle spasm and gas, increases sweating, antiseptic.

330 Fahrenheit

 Tastes exactly like ingestion peppermint


Antiseptic, expectorant, stimulates local blood flow, antifungal.

266 Fahrenheit

 Taste exactly like it smells.

Infinite possibilities


As you can see the reasons to invest in a portable vaporizer are never ending. In short, it clearly suits your ‘on the go’ lifestyle, you are able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits while out and it’s great if you are on a budget.

It’s also great to keep a log of combinations and mixtures that you enjoy, so you can always have some on you along with your portable device.