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What is Vaping and How do Vapes Work? Vaping 101

Herb vaping is a concept that’s relatively unheard of in the wider community, but we think that Aussie’s should make an effort to do their health a favour and get in the know about vaping!

“What is vaping?” is a question that we’re asked constantly when we attend various expos and events, and we think it’s high time somebody out there shed some light on the matter.

If you’re looking to improve your health and get in the know about herb vaping, check out our video guide below!

For those of you out there who prefer to read the video’s transcription, here’s a copy below:

G’day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here. Back again to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and technology.

Now, in my role as Operations Manager of Vape Fuse Australia I’ve personally tested over a hundred portable & desktop vaporizers, so that I can help you guys gain a bit more of an accurate impression and what our line of devices is all about.

The end game of this really is to help of the purchase decision, as we know the purchasing a vaporizer can be a bit of an investment.

The reason we’re so passionate about vaping and vaporizers though, we really think that it’s a benefit to people to quit smoking and start vaping, as it’s going to lead you to be able to live a longer life and ultimately be a happier person.

Vapor Cloud

Before we get into that, I’m just going to stop on the first point that we usually get asked when people approach us and that is what is vaping?

Now, the most common sort of example that I can think of when it comes to vaping is a kettle full of water.

You’ve got a kettle, you fill it up with water which is, in essence, a liquid substance, you put it on the boil to heat and then while it’s heating up, the water vapor that escapes from that kettle is, it’s pretty much just a gas.

It’s just the heated form of matter that’s been converted into a gas and vaping is basically the same thing.

Many of you have probably heard of e-cigarettes or liquid nicotine or something along those lines and that’s pretty much the same as the kettle.

It’s a liquid substance that’s heated, to expel a gas, which is just not heated up to the extent that it’s going to turn into smoke and combust.

When we’re talking about vaping herbs, I like to use oil as an example.

Now, oil of course combusts, which water will not, so water will just turn completely into Vapor whereas oil, when heated up to a certain extent, so 88 degrees for Olive oil and a lot higher say 120 degrees for Coconut oil, at that stage it combusts, but prior to that it still emits a vapor, so it atomizes a little bit.

Now, with herbs, it’s the same thing, many herbs like Chamomile, Damiana, Lavender pitched next to me, have essential oils inside of them that when vaporized, they’re emitted and can sort of help you in some ways.

Herbs ready to be vaporized

Lavender, for example, helps with relaxation and helps you sleep. Damiana, can be used for something similar.

When you’re vaping herbs, it’s a little bit more tricky than when you’re vaping just a simple liquid material, but the thought process behind it is basically the same.

Thanks for checking out this video guys and make sure to check out the rest of the line to find out what vaping is all about. Thanks.

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