Water Bubbler for the Mighty, Crafty, Starry, Alternate and Many Other Herbal Vaporizers

Water bubblers have become very popular accessories for herbal vaporizers over the last few years.

Water Bubbler for Mighty Crafty Starry Alternate etc

Initially they were rare and unique, however, these days many devices can be fitted with one.

There are many befits to using a water bubbler with your herbal vape. I won’t go into a whole lot of details, Matt has dedicated a VapeFuse Learning Centre video to go through everything about water bubblers. You can check that video out here.

Bubblers are especially useful for portable vaporizers as portables tend to have a shorter vapour path, which means hotter vapour. Water in the bubbler helps to cool the vapour down.

Some vaporizers, such as the FocusVape Pro comes with a water bubbler in the box, so you can decide to use it or not to use it.
I personally like it and use it myself almost every time I use the FocusVape.

The Hydrology9 takes it a step further and the vaporizer is basically built around a bubbler.

Not every manufacturer is rushing into creating an aqua bubbler for their vaporizers though.

Some of the big brand name products, such as the Storz and Bickel don’t have one for their portable vaporizers, the Mighty and the Crafty.

Arizer, the long-standing and popular Canadian vape manufacturer doesn’t have one either.

Third party manufacturers do make water bubblers for these products, however, I am a little hesitant to introduce anything into the vapour path that is made by a third party manufacturer that I don’t know.

What we found, is that the water bubbler for the X Max Starry, perfectly fits many other vaporizers as well.

X Max Starry Portable Vaporizer Water Bubbler

This is a product that is made by a manufacturer that we know and therefore have a high degree of confidence in the product quality.

The X Max FOG is another obvious vaporizer that this bubbler fits perfectly, however, the list doesn’t stop there.

X max water bubbler with portable herbal vaporizers

As you can see above, it fits the mouthpiece of many of the Crafty and Mighty style portables by other manufacturers.

Here is a list of the vapes that we tried and the bubbler fits perfectly:

– Storz & Bickel Mighty
– Storz & Bickel Crafty
– X Max Starry
– X Max FOG
– Vivant Alternate
– Flowermate Swift Pro

X max Herbal vaporizer water bubbler fits these vaporizers

Even the tipped mouthpiece of the Arizer Air and Arizer Air II are a perfect fit for the silicon connection of this bubbler.

Arizer Air II Portable Herbal Vaporzier with Water bubbler

What this means is that you can add a water bubbler to your existing Arizer Air, Storz and Bickel Mighty, Crafty, Vivant Alternate and many other types of herbal vaporizers and be able to try an aqua bubbler without having to buy a new vaporizer.

The silicone connecting tube creates an airtight connection on all of the devices that we tested and it does not slide off easily.

Storz adn Bickel Crafty Mouthpiece connected to X max Starry bubbler

Once it is on, you can literally lift up the device via the bubbler and it does not come off.

The bubbler itself is quite small, a lot smaller than the ones on the FocusVape Pro or the Hydrology9, however, it is perfectly functional and a great way to add a water bubbler to your existing herbal vaporizer.

Please feel free to let us know below if you have any questions or if you have used this bubbler with any other devices and have some tricks and tips to share.

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