Vaping with an Aqua Bubbler: Vaping 101

Using an aqua bubbler with your vape improves the experience tenfold! A vape’s aqua bubbler helps to cool don the vapor and deliver a dense, flavorsome hit, especially when used with portable vapes like the FocusVape Pro or X Max Starry.

If you’re an Aussie herb enthusiast that’s trying to give up smoking and are maybe used to using a water pipe, then investing in a vaporizer with an included or optional aqua bubbler is going to be a great way for you to transition.

Vaping is obviously a lot better for you than smoking, and if you can bring some familiar elements with you, you’re likely going to have a lot easier of a time getting your head around vaping.

Some of the best vaporizers on the market, like the Hydrology9 Portable Vape by Cloudious9 and the FocusVape Pro S both come equipped with aqua bubblers for improving the experience.

For a full run through on the different types of aqua bubbles and how they work, check out this video below!

More of a reader than a watcher? No problem! Here’s the video transcript:

Good day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here. Back again with another video for our Vaping 101 Webinar Series, teaching Aussies about herb vaping.

Now, I’ve touched on a bunch of different vaping topics, now, looking at portable and desktop vapes, the different types of portables, different types of desktops and one trend that sort of starting to see, is usability is something though all users need in a vape.

Some vape that has a low level of usability that’s really difficult to learn and operate, no one’s really into that, that much.

The devices have pretty much do everything for you and the ones that we’ve found that really sell.

With these vaporizers today, I’m going to be going over a water bubbler, which is an element to vaping, that’s pretty new.

Portable vaping has taken off recently in the past couple of years. It was only 10 years ago that you needed a backpack or a little wagon to lug around your portable vape.

These days, we’ve got models you can slide into your back pocket and forget about and have your session on you at all times.

With these devices in front of me, that you’re seeing, they’re all equipped with some type of aqua bubbler to help improve functionality, cool the vapor and ultimately allow you to take much larger draws.

From right to left I’ve got the FocusVape Pro portable vape, the X Vape Fog and the Hydrology9. So, obviously they’ve got very different styles of aqua bubblers.

The FocusVape is in the more traditional version, it’s just got this external aqua bubbler, it’s got an interior percolator and it’s also got air lock, so that none of that water inside is gonna drip out.

FocusVape Pro Portable VaporizerBasically this one, you just fill it from the tap or from filtered water, while you inhale a little bit in the bottom and then you’ll just make sure all that water is just staying in there around the percolator.

This aqua bubbler, just slides directly onto the top of the device and it works very well.

For anyone that’s used to water pipe before or is that sort of like their favorite style, this is gonna be an awesome adjustment for you, from switching from smoking to vaping. It allows you to keep that element, that your’e familiar with.

The FocusVape Bubbler is awesome only little downside, is if you push the mouthpiece in too far, you can hit the perk underneath and obviously this device wasn’t manufactured for used with an aqua bubbler.

Traditionally it was just the herb vape when the aqua bubbler was brought in to enhance its productivity a little bit.

The X Vape Fog’s aqua bubbler, I found works a little better. It helps to cool the vapor a lot more, because it’s got this extended silicon vapor path and then a little external aqua bubbler on the end and so it’s way easier to clean too.

You just fill this with a little bit of Isopropyl alcohol, remove it from the silicon hub and just leave it to soak for a day or two.

The FocusVape is a lot more like a water pipe, very difficult to clean, you’re gonna keep it soaked up with some Isopropyl and some salt and stuff like that and you can take it the best part of 10-15 minutes, because with this device, anywhere up to you just leave it and let it do its thing.

The X Vape Fog’s aqua bubbler, is actually compatible with a whole number of devices, the Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty, the Flowermate Swift Pro, of course, the X Max Starry, bunch of different vapes.

If you’ve got any of those vapes and looking for an aqua bubbler to increase functionality, check out the X Max Bubbler in the VapeFuse store.

The third device, takes aqua filtration to a whole new level. Now, as I mentioned before, neither of these devices were manufactured specifically for use with an aqua bubbler.

The Hydrology9 has an included aqua bubbler, that’s built into the device. It’s whole vaporization and heating method and stuff like that is built around the aqua filtration, so it can run a little harder, it can really sort of extract those initial plant oils and stuff like that, a little bit better, than these other two devices and the aqua filtration helps to cool down the vapor and deliver beautifully tasty hits of herb vapor.

This device took out, our Best Herb Vape in the Flavor Category for 2018.

Hydrology9 Cloudious9 Portable VaporizerI’m not lying when I say that this thing really — it’s a beautiful device, the Hydrology9.

All of these devices, can be used with water, but when paired with our Natural Piece Water Solution, you can maintain a cleanly piece, for a lot longer.

Instead of just general water, which picks up any sort of grime or whatever that’s a resin, that’s coming from the plant material, this Piece Water has enriched minerals and vitamins and plant extracts that helps like a bit of citric acid, that helps sort of maintain a bit of fluidity in the chamber and I ultimately keep it clean for a lot longer.

Thanks for hearing about aqua bubblers and make sure to check out the rest of our videos, in this Vaping 101 Webinar Series.

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