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Savvy Travel Tips for Herbal Vapers

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A lot of individuals either have careers that require excessive travelling while others travel for the pure thrill and excitement of adventure.

Despite location hopping and having to ‘travel light’ many still want the luxury of their personal vaporizers. With the high demand for hassle-free products, devices which don’t need a power outlet and easy to pack and carry are on the rise for this group of people.

If you are a traveller and looking for an easy vaping solution, here are some tips of what devices are suitable for you and how to travel with them.

The Best Portable Vaporizers For Travelling Users

Many well-known vaporizer brands also offer excellent portable vaporizers carried by, for example the Arizer Air or Storz&Bickel Crafty vaporizers:

Crafty Portable Vaporizer

The Benefits Of Having A Portable Vaporizer While Travelling

Vaping is very extensive when it comes to the list of dry herbs that can be used, some of the best dry herbs such as passion flower aren’t local to many countries like it is in Australia.

Traveling with a portable vaporizer allows consumers to experience dry herbs local to the countries they are visiting, as some may never get the chance to try them again.

Exotic dry herbs can be very rare, therefore it causes their price to be expensive, if and when they are available for purchase.  

Other Handy Reasons:

  • Excellent for keeping away unwanted bugs by vaping lemon balm or certain marigolds.

  • Great for the travelers who have any health problems from major to minor.

  • Amazing way to partake in any ancient herbal ceremonies while abroad.

  • The convenience of having your own machine thanks to the luxury of battery power.

How To Safely Travel With A Portable Vaporizer

It is always best to invest in a carrying case available for your specific model. These will usually contain custom pockets to hold the machine, all of the pieces and accessories.

Arizer Solo, Vapir NO2, Iolite original and WISPR are a few brands that have created custom heavy-duty travel cases for serious travelers.

Iolite Original

Not all models or brands will offer cases specifically designed for your portable vaporizer. In that case we recommend you purchase a general travel case for your portable vaporizer which looks most suitable for its size.

Worst case scenario, if neither of the above is options at the time, then you can individually wrap each piece in bubble wrap before packing it into a suitcase pocket or makeup bag.

How To Maintain Your Portable Vaporizer While Traveling

It is always important to keep in mind the issue of your vaporizers cleanliness.

While just emptying the used herbs after every use keeps most machines relatively clean, it is yet unknown the type of excursions awaits you, so it is better to be prepared.

Black Mamba Portable Vaporizer

This is best achieved by simply packing either alcohol wipes or a small bottle of isopropyl and a few q-tips. Bringing these small cleaners will help you keep your portable vaporizer in pristine condition.

Final Tip For The Traveling Vaper

Since airline and airport regulations, along with customs and border patrols vary, it is of the utmost importance that you always check the policies for each country you travel both to and from.

Nokiva Portable Vaporizer

Some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand have very unique flora and fauna and have very strict quarantine rules not allowing any plant materials entering the country. Make sure you properly clean your vaporizer with cleaning alcohol and ensure it is 100% free of the smallest of plant materials. If you leave anything in there, you’ll be subject to prosecution and fined for hundreds of dollars.

Do The Right Thing

You would never want to lose your portable vaporizers over unknown restrictions, it never hurts to do a little research first.

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