Storz and Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer Product Introduction


Hi I’m Michelle from VapeFuse and today I’m going to introduce you to the smoking hot Mighty Portable Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.


Now, the Mighty is proving to be a very popular choice with vapers who just love the best of the best. It is top of the range and engineered by the same German manufacturer that makes the legendary Volcano vaporizers. Pretty sure, I’ve got two right here, if you recognize them.

It’s really good quality, which you can feel just by holding it and It is battery operated and is pretty simple to use.

The design is a bit bigger than the Crafty as you can see, there is the Crafty, and is probably on the bigger side for a portable but it’s not too discreet and not pocketable but it is definitely good enough to go in a bag it or you can take it on trips with you  It is certainly substantial but it has all amazing features that you would expect from this range, it is high tech, portable unit, great to go.

Now, the Mighty uses a vaporizing technology that involves full hot air convection heating, combined with conduction heating. Now, the convection heating ensures that vapor is instantly and continuously generated, while the conduction technology is responsible for vapor being generated really really quickly, which makes this both great to use and efficient.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Let’s take a quick look at it’s popular features:

  • Now, it has a large LED light display in the front here, with arrows on either side of it, giving it a pretty cool user interface.
  • The temperatures can be set using the +/- buttons on the side here, and as soon as the actual temperature is set, you’ll gonna find your device will give off  a slight vibration, letting you know it’s ready for use.
  • The dual Lithium-Ion batteries enable approximately about 90 minutes operating time plus the unit can be used while it’s being charged.
  • The kit includes a filling aid for quick and clean loading of the heating chamber.
  • What we do like about this is that the instructions come with diagrams that actually show you how to put together the device and how to use it, which is pretty cool!

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

There are so many great things about this device, I really do love it. It’ s got great battery life and great functionality, it can almost make a desktop device replaceable.

We do love it and if you love it, why not check it out on

And that’s it from me, Michelle at Thank you so much for watching this video and we’ll see you later.

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