Introducing the New X Max Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer

The new X Max Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer was finally released last week and we have checked out this new version of the Starry to see what’s been updated.

In terms of the packaging, not much of a change, apart from the bottom tray of the box having been changed over to red colour and some other small changes to the design.

In terms of shape and size, the old and new Starry boxes are almost identical as you can see below.

X Vape Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer Box and Old Starry Box

The old box says X Max on the side, while the new box has the X Vape logo, similarly to their other line of vape, the X Vape FOG full-convection vaporizer.

Just like the boxes, the devices themselves look identical apart from the updated logo.

The digital display remained exactly the same, no changes there at all as you can see below.

Starry Portable Vaporizer V.3 digital display

The most visible update seems to be to the top magnetic mouthpiece. The airflow has been improved by changing the design of the screens.

If you look at them after taking them off the vapes you can already spot a bit of a difference.

X Max Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer mouthpiece with old Starry mouthpiece

On the new Starry mouthpiece on the left, you can see it looks more like a mesh screen, while the old Starry on the right has a 15 hole zirconia ceramic insert.

By the look, the airflow has been improved by adding the mesh screen as the old zirconia filter got clogged a lot easier.

Once you pull it apart further, you see even more changes here.

X Max Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer mouthpiece with old Starry mouthpiece modules

The new Starry V3 on the left has a flat plate drilled screen at the top end of the silicone insert. I assume that screen has been put there to catch any small particles that might sneak through the stainless steel screen.

In the new Starry V3, they have replaced the little waxy cart to the same stainless steel liquid pad that the X Vape FOG portable vaporizer has.

X max Starry V3.0 Portable Vaporizer liquid pad

If you only use dry herbs, this is not much of an importance to you though. I personally hardly ever use these liquid pads, however, I can see how this mesh could be better than the previous cart was.

More importantly, the new version has vibration feedback. The Starry V3 vibrates when it reaches the set temperature and when your session is over.

These days, vibration is a standard feature of most vaporizers. We’ve seen it added to the new ALD Amaze WOW V2 that has just come out recently as well.

X Max apparently also updated the bottom battery cap and the insulation of the circuit board to improve the performance and longevity of the vaporizer.

The users manual has also been changed a little bit in terms of the design and look. The new one is folded up harmonica style while the old manual used to be a little booklet.

Starry Portable Vaporizer users manuals

And this pretty much concludes the list of updates to the Starry in the latest version, Version 3, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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