How to Naturally Relieve Pain

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Constantly suffering from pain can seriously interfere with your ability to enjoy life, remain active and do what you want to do. Unfortunately, sometimes traditional medicine offers little real relief and can be expensive for the long term, hence why more and more people are opting to try natural curatives and methods like vaping to manage pain.

What is Chronic Pain?

The term “chronic pain” is used as a catchall phrase to define any body ache that’s experienced over a long period of time. It’s pain frequently caused by inflammation of the tissues, joints or muscles. Most chronic pain is the result of sports injuries. Unfortunately, the pain can last long after the injury has been resolved.  

Work-related accidents are the next most common cause of chronic pain, especially in the lower back or limbs. Increasingly, it’s also being linked to just sitting and using a computer on a daily basis resulting in carpal tunnel, headaches, or severe shoulder or neck pain.  

Direct or indirect health issues like headaches and migraines, stomach aches or digestive issues are the third most common cause. 

A 2006 study of the effects of chronic pain on work efforts reported that 9.9 million work days are missed by Australians annually due to chronic pain (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health).

Tha’ts a lot of people who are impacted by some level of discomfort and that’s not a great news!

The First Pharmacy

Plants have always been Mother Nature’s pharmacy…  

Most of our modern-day drugs are or were once extracted from a plant out in the wild.

So, it shouldn’t be a great stretch to understand that the plants and herbs around us have the ability to help us manage the irritation or inflammation that is causing pain. Nature’s curatives, administered through vaporization, topically or (less frequently) through diet, have the power to assist relieve your pain which can potentially improve your well being. 

Chamomile – The Quiet Soother

Chamomile Dry Herb


The answer to potentially easing your pain may already be in your cupboard! Chamomile. (But don’t vaporize your tea!)

That’s right. The same herb you frequently steep in your cup could also be just the solution for “sipping” a healthy dose of pain relief through your vaporizer.  

An apple-sweet smelling plant that resembles a daisy with a bulbous yellow center and white feathery leaves, chamomile is a soother and not just (as you may have thought) for your nerves.


Sun Flower

Found in two major varietals – Roman and German – chamomile was called the “Plant’s physician,” by Herb Garden author Frances A. Bardswell. She suggests it’s so powerful that it could revive any drooping and sickly plants it surrounded. “Nothing will keep a garden so healthy as plenty of chamomile.”  

How to use it 

Any of the traditional methods can be used to administer chamomile.

Most popularly it’s used in dietary form; steeped in water to make a tea. As an anti-inflammatory, it may help reduce the swelling that’s causing your pain and is suggested to be effective for inflammation of the mouth, throat, and digestive tract.   

Less familiar is using it in your vaporizer. Vaping the herb is arguably, the most potent way to access chamomile’s pain reducing properties. Chamomile enthusiasts point to a smooth feeling of relaxation and ease that pleasantly accompanies the pain relief they get from vaping chamomile.  

So, if you’re looking to try a more natural solution to ease your pain, try using your vaporizer with one of nature’s original pharmaceuticals and see if it brings you some relief.

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