The Most Common Reason Why Your Brand New Vaporizer Not Working

Nothing is more disappointing than finally receiving your highly anticipated brand new vaporizer and not being able to turn it on and give it a go.

It can happen to any electronic devices from cameras to food processors… and unfortunately to vaporizers as well. In electronic retail jargon, it’s called ‘DOA’, short for Dead on Arrival.

Surely sounds awful. However, not being able to turn on your device does not always mean that it’s all lost and you have to go through the unbearable pain of waiting for the replacement to arrive.

The most common reason for not being able to start up your vaporizer is that the battery might be isolated from the electronic circuit.

Manufacturers tend to put a little piece of plastic, paper, rubber or silicone (any non-conductive material works) between the battery and contact so the device is not draining the battery before it gets to the end user (you).

Previously it was common practice not to insert the batteries into the units but include them in the box as separate items. So they are not in the circuit before the device is purchased and used.

If you’ve been around for long enough, you may recall the early vapes, like the Vapir NO2 portable. It was packaged with the battery outside of the device, and you had to install the battery upon receiving your vape.

Inserting battery into Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer

This way of packaging served the purpose of keeping the battery out of the electric circuit until the device is not being used. The downside is that with ever tighter air freight security, it is a bit of a challenge to send ‘lose batteries’ via air.

The solution is to install the battery and put a little piece of paper or plastic between the battery and the contact as we discussed above.

With some vaporizers, it is pretty obvious as the plastic hangs out and it is hard to miss. A good example is the X Max Starry V3.0 below.

X Max Starry V3 Portable Vaporizer

Some others are not as easy to spot. For example, the X Max V2 Pro has a little silicon ring separating the 18650 battery from of the circuit in the box, as you can see below.

X max V2 Pro Portable Vaporizer Battery

Others, such as the FocusVape vaporizers are even trickier to notice. These devices have a white round shaped paper in between the battery and the bottom end of the new devices.

FocusVape Pro Portable Vaporzier Battery

These are usually not mentioned in the user’s manuals so many new vaporizer owners get caught out thinking their devices are not working, dead out of the box, while they do work.

If you are in a situation when your brand new vaporizer doesn’t work, the first step is always to check the battery. Check if it is isolated out of the circuit and if it is, you are lucky. You can relax and start vaping.

If the battery is not isolated, there could be many other reasons and your vaporizer might actually be faulty. If you happen to have a spare battery, it is worth trying it to make sure the problem is actually with the device and you are not dealing with a faulty battery.

I hope you found this post useful and please feel free to let us know in the comments sections below if we can help with anything.

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