Inbuilt and Removable Vaporizer Batteries: Vaping 101

One of the biggest consideration when getting a portable vaporizer is wether you should get one with an inbuilt or a removable battery.

Having an inbuilt battery gives more flexibility to the manufacturers to equip their vaporizers with very specific batteries that often last longer than a replaceable battery would.

In the other hand, with inbuilt batteries, the life of your vaporizer is limited to the life of your battery.

Which one should you go for? The answer to that does depend on a few things, so watch the video below and hopefully it will answer al your questions.

If you have any more questions after watching the videos, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

If you’d like to read the transcript of the video instead, here it is for you:

Good day guys Matt from VapeFuse Australia here, back again with another video for a Vaping 101 Webinar Series, to get Aussies in the know about herb vaping.

Portable vaping has taken off in recent years and the two most sort of common innovations in the portable field of vapes are removable batteries or internal batteries.

Obviously if you’ve got a removable battery, you get so much more freedom with your vape.

You can purchase a few more batteries, charge them up, take them on the go and literally get away using your device for a whole week or two without even having to put it on charge.

Devices like the FocusVape and the Arizer Air come equipped with removable 18650 batteries in the base.

18650 is just the size of battery. Generally, they’re made by Samsung or LG or a similar electronics brand and what’s cool about these ones is you can actually replace them and switch them up with batteries of high milliamp features, so you can get more for your session, a little bit longer session time, before you got to chuck it back on charge.

focusvape vs focusvape pro battery

This battery in general I think is about 2200 milliamps but some other devices like the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer ArGo up to 3,500 milliamps, so you can see the potential is just through the roof.

The Arizer Air was also equipped with a 2500 milliamp battery, the similar sort of pink style also concealed in the bottom just like this.

This vape is ideal for someone that’s looking to sort of head away for a couple of days at a time. Get away from the whole hubbub of society and not have to worry about bringing a charging cable or finding a power outlet to load up their vape.

Other devices like the Arizer Solo also have removable batteries, so to speak it’s just a little bit more difficult, it’s not just the unscrewable type of thing, you could actually get a screwdriver, take out a number of screws, open up the insides of the device, pull out this little plug and replace the battery.

Arzier Solo Portable Vaporizer Battery

It’s a little bit more hassle but the Solo, in general, has an amazing battery life and can get you up to two hours of session time before you even have to think about whacking it on a charge.

Some devices like the Hydrology9 could do with a removable battery, as it is an amazing quality vaporizer.

Hydrology9 Cloudious9 Portable Vaporizer

It’s got great vapor that it emits, but it can only really get you between three and five sessions of a single charge. Now, that being said, it does have some phenomenal cooling technology and it is a full convection vaporizer, so it does require a bit more battery than a simple conduction vape.

But if you could have like a little external battery pack on the bottom or something like that or even a power cord but this thing will work via pass-through charging though so you don’t have to worry about having your vape on charge and not being able to use it, you can have your cake and eat it too, if you have this thing plugged in while you use it with the extra-long cable.

The Storz&Bickel Crafty, received an upgrade this year, it’s actually had a stronger battery installed in it. Thanks to some feedback from customers, that were stating that the Crafty was fantastic, but after a year or two that battery would cock it and then have to send it back to be replaced, or get it repaired.

Storz and Bickel New better vaporizer batteries

Now with that stronger battery, we’re not hearing any of that feedback.

When we look at liquid vaporizers, batteries are a little different.

The bottom of this device which some would say, is a vape. It’s merely a battery, so the vape it’s just this top little cartridge here which has a little bit of a liquid in the top and this battery you can just charge via a micro USB cord on the back and this gives power to the atomizer inside this device, so you can actually use this battery with a number of different atomizers.

You can use it for the e-cigarettes or essential oils or anything like that. Now, touching on the last device, the Iolite, this vape doesn’t actually have a battery included, so this is probably the ideal vaporizer for people that like to get out without having to charge their vape.

Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer and Newport Pure Butane Gas

This one is loaded up simply by putting butane into the top of the device, which will then sort of act as a gas for an internal burning element, which will heat up the heating chamber to a certain degree and then stops.

You’re never gonna get like a charred sort of herb finish with this, always light nice clouds of vapor.

If you’re worried about vapes battery dying on you, check out a manual vape. Thanks guys.

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