DynaVap M Popularity on the Rise in Australia

The DynaVap M has become one of the most popular manual vaporizers in Australia and shows no signs of slowing down.

DynaVap vaporizers used to be pretty expensive and considered to be an upmarket product.

That was until the model ‘M’ was launched in 2017.

The DynaVap M was specifically developed by DynaVap to bring their unique vaping experience to a broader audience at an affordable price.

Despite the low pricing, the M provides extremely high quality and durability. The price is kept down by making the entire device out of medical grade stainless steel, instead of using more expensive materials such as titanium.

DynaVap M Manual Portable Vape

If you are not familiar with DynaVap, they are a manual vaporizer manufacturer, based in Wisconsin, United States.

Their signature product the OmniVap was very well received by the herbs vaping community, however, the price of AU $250 for a manual vape put it out of reach for many of us.

All DynaVap vapes come with a patented VapCap and what makes them unique is that they click when they reach the desired vaping temperature, so that you know its time to hit the vaporizer.

With most manual vapes, including the Lotus Vaporizer, you have to gauge the heat yourself and make your best judgment.

With the DynaVap you just have to heat the cap and listen to a single or double click. Simple as that.

DynaVap M Manual Portable Vaporizer DynaCap Heated

Many experienced herb vapers swear by manual vapes, and mostly because of the pure taste that they produce.

Obviously, there are no electronics in the device as the heat source is a butane powered torch. This has some effect on the taste and it also means that the device lasts for a very long time.

Having said that we started to wonder if you can actually use an electric vaporizer to heat the DynaVap instead of a butane torch.

Not that you would want to buy an extra electric vape to heat your DynaVap. We have plenty of vapes here to play around with so we tried to see what happens.

DynaVap M in ALD Amaze WOW chamber

Using the ALD Amaze WOW vaporizer, it took a little longer to warm up than with the butane torch flame, but it clicked as it should and worked well.

After you finish your session, the hot end of the vaporizer cools down reasonably quickly, but if you need to put it away instantly, you are best of coping a DynaStash.

DynaVap M sitting on DynaStash

This wooden accessory is designed to store your DynaVap and there is another compartment in there that could be used for some herbs.

DynaVap M in Cedar DynaStash

The DynaVap M Vaporizer device itself is made out of 4 parts as you can see below:

DynaVap M modular portable vaporzier

1. – DynaCap – this is the cap that you heat on the device as you’ve seen above and makes the unique clicking sounds when it’s time to vape.

2. – Double-Triple Stainless Steel Helix M Tip with 3 O-rings – this is the herb chamber part with 3 engraves of a double groove with 3 O-rings to join the Stem and Condenser.

3. – Stainless Steel Stem – This is the part you grab as you hold the device and it has an ‘airport’ on it to be able to ‘carb’ the device at the end of your draw. You can see a bit of a texture where your fingers grab the device that was added for extra convenience.

4. – The M Condenser – made out of medical grade stainless steel with two condenser O-rings

There are obvious benefits to such a modular vaporizer.

Number one is that they come apart easily and they are super easy to clean.

You can pull it apart and soak it in isopropyl alcohol, even the o-rings for a while and then rinse everything off thoroughly under the tap.

After that, all you have left to do is to put the 4 parts back together and you are ready to vape again.

Another benefit to a modular structure like the DynaVap is that if you ever need to replace any parts, you can buy only the replacement part and don’t need to buy the entire device.


We like the DynaVap M ourselves and not surprised by its fast-growing popularity here in Australia.

There is something to manual vaping that resonates with more and more Aussies and the DynaVap M is a standout in that category.

Most manual vapes do require a little time to get used to as you have to learn how to heat it and draw to make sure you get the correct temperature without combusting your herbs.

With the DynaVap this learning curve is reduced to almost nothing. You might do an empty test run to start with to get the whole clicking idea and then you are good to go.

You’ll need a single flame butane torch and a can of extra purified butane gas to fuel your torch. A 300ml can of Newport Zero costs about 7 to 10 bucks and you can pick it up at your local tobacconist. One can lasts for a very long time if you only use it to heat your vaporizer.

The only other thing you may need is a good quality herb grinder, such as the GrindeROO and you are all good to go.

DynaVap M and GrindeROO Herb Gridner

If you have a DynaVap yourself and have some thoughts to add or if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.
Thank you.

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