Digital Vapes vs. Manual Vapes vs. Analog Vapes: Vaping 101

The three main types of portable and desktop vaporizers are digital, analog, and manual vapes! This refers to the way the vaporizer is powered and the way that it displays information

Digital vaporizers are the most common. Some well known digital vaporizers include the Volcano Digit Desktop Vape, the Arizer Solo II, and the Ald Amaze WOW.

If you are looking to invest in a vaporizer and think that you want a digital vape, there are a few things you have to consider first.

The screen is the focal point of a digital vape as it is where you set your temp and adjust the heat. If he screen was to break that pretty much means no more vape!

Digital vapes require a power source of some kind, like a battery or external power source in the case of desktops, meaning you are restricted by charging time or other external factors like black-outs.

If you have interchangeable batteries this can be countered, but some vapers love the freedom associated with being able to take their vape away for days or even weeks at a time without having to worry about chargers.

Analog vapes are still digital, as in they operate off a battery, but they don’t use a screen to display info, usually just LEDs, and they often operate off just a single button.

Now, analog vaporizers like the X Vape FOG and the Volcano Classic are fantastically simple to use and the technology requires less power than a digital vape would.

Manual vapes like the DynaVap M and the Iolite Original Portable Vape are very simple to use but take some getting used to as they are heated by an alternate source other than a battery or wall socket.

The DynaVap is heated using a small butane torch that will heat the metal cap to the extent that it clicks to notify you that it is has reached its single set temp.

The Iolite, on the other hand, uses an internal butane burner to achieve the same result.

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G’day guys, Matt here from VapeFuse Australia. Back again with our Vaping 101 Webinar series, getting you guys in the know about herb vaping.

Now, in my previous videos, I touched on the difference between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers.

In this post, I am gonna be going a little bit deeper into that realm, explaining the difference between Manual, Analog and Digital vaporizers.

Now, it’s pretty easy to comprehend, when we say manual or analog, you can generally dictate that based on a clock, an analog clock doesn’t have an LED display, it’s got the simple tick tick tick progressive click around the outside.

Whereas, a digital clock, obviously requires a power source of batteries or some sort of an external power supply from the wall, to get, get its reading going. So, with vaporizers, it’s pretty similar.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Digital Display

We’ve got the devices like the Volcano Digit, that has got the you-beaut digital display on the front, that helps you to read temperature as well as showing you the set and the actual temperature and it’s a little bit more user-friendly than and say a device like the Crafty, which is an analog vaporizer.

Volcano Digit Desktop Balloon Vaporizer

Now, so this is in fact still a digital device, as in it’s got a battery on the inside that powers the internal heater, but, the reason it’s classified as an analog vaporizer as opposed to digital, is that there is no display on the device.

To set temperatures, you can either use these Bluetooth enabled smartphone app or you can just click this little booster button, at the front each time and click up by an incremental 5 or 10 degrees.

It doesn’t have the added user-friendly component of being able to select one degree at a time, but it still is pretty user-friendly comparative to something like a manual device like the Iolite.

Iolite Gas Powered Portable Vaporizer

Now, some people love manual devices for their simplicity, there’s usually just one temperature setting or heating mode on there and so you’re getting a consistent outlet of vapor at all times.

The Iolite is actually powered by butane gas, so it doesn’t have any internal battery or power supply.

Instead, it’s got an internal gas tank and a little burner, so once activated and switched on, it will heat up the internal thermostat and once it clicks to about 175 degrees Celsius, so the ideal temp for vaporization, it will stop.

It will just keep heating the herb with that consistent temperature of 175.

For someone that’s just looking for a device to have around the house, something simple, if they want to vape every now and again, the manual devices like the Iolite, are perfect.

Now, there’s so many different types of vaporizers on the market, it can be difficult to choose.

Make sure you’re checking out the rest of our Vaping 101 line of videos, to stay in the know about herb vaping.

Thanks for watching guys, look forward to seeing you next time.

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