CloudV Terra Portable Vaporizer


Hi, in this video I am going to show you around the New CloudV Terra Portable Vaporizer.


What we like about the Terra is its cool ergonomic design and the simplicity of use. As you can see it looks pretty cool, nicely fits into your palm of your hand. By pressing the button 5 times fast in a row, your temperature will be set to 190 degrees. You can see the light flashing blue while it is heating up, it does not take long.

Cloud Terrra Portable Vaporizer

Once it is solid blue, press it once more to heat it up to the second preset temperature of 210 degrees. It is now flashing green while it is heating up and will turn solid green when it is ready and heated up.

Press the button, another 5 times fast again, to turn it off or it will turn off automatically after about 5 minutes.

To access the chamber, just pop the mouthpiece off and there you have it and after loading your herbs, simply place the mouthpiece back on the unit and turn it on the way I showed you before.

The kit comes with the packing tool, a cleaning tool, a power adapter and a charging USB cable.

To charge your device, simply plug in the supplied charging cable to the bottom of your unit and then the USB end into the power plug or into your computer. It’s as simple as that.

So if you love the New CloudV Terra vape, as much as I do, get your own today at It is available in loads of different colors, so you’ll surely find one that suits you best.

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