Cloudv Terra Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I switch on the Terra Portable Vaporizer?

A: Push the button 5 times in a quick sequence.

Q: What does flashing blue light mean?

A: The unit is heating to the pre-set low temperature or if the Terra is on charger, then it means the vaporizer is charging.

Q: My Terra’s light is solid, not flashing anymore, what does it mean?

A: If it’s solid blue and it’s on the charger it means the unit is fully charged. If it’s solid blue when it is switched on and off the charger, it means the Terra reached the lower temperature level. Solid green light means the Terra reached the higher pre-set temperature level.

Q: Does the Terra come with silicone or plastic ‘skin’?

A: The Terra comes with a very nice texture, a bit like rubbery skin.

Terra Airflow

Q: Does the Terra get hot during vaping, should I get any silicone cover

A: There is no need for a heat resistant cover, unless you are touching the top part of the Terra or the mouthpiece close to the chamber, you won’t need to worry about burning your fingers. However make sure you apply caution when you refill your chamber while it’s hot

Q: Does the Terra come with digital display?

A: The Terra comes with one button only. The one button mechanism makes it easy to use. If you are after a digital display vape, try the Diamond from CloudV.

CloudV Terra Black

Q: What are the dimensions of the Terra? Is it light?

A: The Terra’s diameter is 2.1cm (0.83 “) and height is 15.75cm (6.2”).

CloudV Terra Purple Vaporizer

Q: Can I use it with e-liquids?

A: No, the Terra is a dry herb vaporizer.

Q: How easy it is to use the Terra?

A: The Terra comes with a one button mechanism so it’s very easy. Push the button 5 times to switch it on and just once if you want to change it to the higher temperature. If you want to switch it off, just push the button 5 times again or wait 5 minutes for the device to automatically switch off.

Q: How big is the Terra, is it like your palm or like a pen?

A: Check out these pictures, I hope they help 🙂
CloudV Terra


CloudV Terra Red

Q: I’m afraid because of the high temperature the mouthpiece will start melting and leave a bad taste during use?

A: Nothing to worry, the mouthpiece is made out of heat resistant, food grade plastic.

Q: Looks like the power button ‘sinks’ inside the unit, is it normal?

A: Nothing to worry about, it’s normal, just part of the design.

CloudV Terra Red

Q: What are those little holes on the side of the Terra?

A: Those three little holes are there to provide the air inflow for your vaping session.

Airflow Holes

Q: Is there any automatic shut off on the Terra?

A: Yes the Terra will shut off after 5 minutes automatically.

Q: What is the chamber made of?

A: The Terra has a food grade stainless steel chamber.

CloudV Terra Chamber Top VIew

Q: I’m not sure how much herbs I can put into the chamber? Just to the top of the metal chamber or to the plastic part?

A: Make sure you grind your dry herbs just fine before filling the chamber. The chamber is quite big and you can fill it up using your packing tool with 0.3-0.4 gram of dry herbs all the way to the top of the chamber (metal part) and you are good to start vaping.

CloudV Terra and Damiana

Q: Me and my wife are keen to swap from smoking to vaping, first we just want to get a vape to give it a go, do you think the Terra is the best for us, can it hold enough material for ‘group’ sessions?

A: The Terra comes with a quiet big chamber, so a fully packed chamber would provide sufficient vapor for a couple of people. I trust you’d enjoy it and it’s certainly a great vape to start with.

Q: Do I need to grind my herbs fine for the Terra?

A: Yes, you need to grind your herbs just fine for vaping with the Terra.

CloudV Terra Blue

Q: Do I need to pack the dry herbs tight in the chamber

A: To achieve the best vaping quality possible pack the Terra chamber lose.

Q: How can I access the chamber?

A: Just grab the mouthpiece and pull it up a little bit, the chamber is right there.

CloudV Terra Mouthpiece

Q: How long does it take for the Terra to fully cool down?

A: It doesn’t take too long, however, wait about 10 minutes before touching the steel parts (chamber).

Q: Where is the Terra designed and manufactured?

A: The Terra is designed in LA, where the CloudV headquarter is located, and the vapes are manufactured in China.

CloudV Terra

Q: How do I know I have the genuine CloudV Terra?

A: All Terra comes with a serial number which is located at the bottom of the device.

Q: Where is the serial number of the Terra?

A: The serial number is located at the bottom of the device, just right next to the power plug.

CloudV Terra

Q: How man colors does the Terra come in?

A: The Terra currently comes in 4 colors, Purple, Red, Turquoise Blue and White.

Q: Can I use my Terra for waxes?

A: No, the Terra is a dry herb vaporizer only.

Q: Does the Terra come with a grinder?

A: There is no grinder included in the kit, however we run FREE Grinder promotion very often, or just check with our friendly customer service team, click on the chat button, it might be just your lucky day, and the guys will include one in your package for FREE!

Q: I’m a heavy smoker and want to switch to vaping. I will be using my vape basically all day long, do you think the Terra would be the best choice for me?

A: If you want to vape all day long, you may want to consider getting a portable vape that can be used while it’s charging or get a vape with replaceable battery and additionally you may also want to have a spare battery on hand too. The Terra might not be the best choice for you for the first go, however I’m happy to recommend you the Arizer Air which comes with replaceable, rechargeable battery or another cool device, the Vapir Prima.

CloudV Terra

Q: What is included in the Terra Portable Package?


Q: How do I know the battery is getting flat? When do I need to put it up on a charger?

A: If the light is flashing blue very quickly, it means the battery is pretty flat and you need to put it on the charger. You need to stop your vaping session here and wait til the Terra is fully charged or at least has enough power to finish your session.

Q: Do I need to charge the Terra before I start using it?

A: Yes, ideally you need to give it a 4 hour charge before you start using it to condition the battery.

Q: Can I use my Terra while it’s charging?

A: It’s not recommended to use your Terra while it’s charging. It may reduce the lifetime of the battery of your Terra, so just wait a couple of hours and then you are free to keep vaping 🙂

Q: How long does it take to fully charge my Terra?

A: To fully charge your Terra takes about 4 hours for the first time and 2.5 – 3 hours with regular use.

Q: Does the Terra come with inbuilt battery or with replaceable one?

A: The Terra comes with inbuilt battery, and you can just easily charge it using the cable provided in the package.

Q: How do I know my Terra is fully charged?

A: The light will become solid blue. You are good to take it off from the charger and start vaping.

Q: Does the Terra come with a charging cable?

A: Yes there is a USB charging cable included in the kit. The cable comes with a US and an Australian power adapter as well.

CloudV Terra with Charging cable

Q: Where is the charging port of the Terra?

A: The charging port is located at the bottom of the vaporizer.

CloudV Terra

Q: What are the pre-set temperatures?

A: There are two pre-set temperature levels on the Terra: Low 190C (375F) and High 210C (410F).

Q: What does flashing green light mean?

A: Your Terra is heating up for the higher pre-set temperature level which is 210C (410F).

Q: How many times do I need to press the button to change to a higher temperature?

A: Just press the button once and the light will change from solid blue to flashing green, which indicates the Terra is heating up for the higher temperature.

Q: Which herbs should I use with the Terra? I’m using Damiana but I believe the pre set temperatures are too high for this herb….

A: The optimal vaping temperature for Damiana is 190C, same as the preset temperature, so the Terra is ideal for vaporizing Damiana. And it is also great for ChamomileSage and Yerba Mate, that are best vaporized at 190C.




Q: Does the Terra come with a replacement mouthpiece or screens?

A: There is a charger, packing tool and a cleaning brush included in the package. When you see the screen is worn and clogged and there are cracks on the mouthpiece, then you know it’s time to replace the mouthpiece.

CloudV Terra Purple Kit

Q: Can I change the screen in my Terra? I’ve been using it for months and I guess I should get a new one.

A: The screen is inbuilt into the mouthpiece, so when you see it’s time to replace it, just grab a new mouthpiece, you can get one here @VapeFuse.
Tip: If it starts restricting the airflow then you may want to clean the screen using some rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.

Terra Screen

Q: Can I get an Aqua Bubbler, Water Pipe for the Terra?

A: There is no Glass Attachment available specifically for the Terra on the market just yet.
You’ll definitely hear from us once there is any water bubbler out there.

Q: Hey I need a US charger for my Terra do you sell one?

A: Nothing to worry about, the Terra originally comes with a US charger as well as with an additional Australian power adapter, so you’ll be covered if you are planning to use your Terra in the US or in Australia.

Q: Do you store any tool that I can get the dry herb out from the chamber?

A: A packing tool and a brush is included in the box in the accessory kit, they’ll surely help you putting in and getting out your herb from the chamber.

Packing Tool

Q: Are you selling liquid pad for the Terra?

A: The Terra is suitable for dry herbs only, there is no additional liquid pad available for this vaporizer.

Q: Does the Terra come with warranty?

A: Sure, the Terra comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Q: My Terra stopped working…Is it still covered under warranty?

A: The Terra comes with 1-year limited warranty.
Contact CloudV for warranty issues.

CloudV Terra Portable Vaporizer – How to get set up

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