The Best Vaporizer for Social Gatherings

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Vaping has become quite the social experience. It is often enjoyed at birthdays, holidays, celebrations or even for everyday hangouts. However, we often get asked what vaporizer is ideal for such social events? Which one will provide the ‘Ultimate’ experience for all to enjoy?

Well, let us help answer those questions.

Firstly, there are many things you will want to consider when buying a vaporizer for group gatherings such as:

  • How many people you normally entertain

  • Most likely vaped products: Dry herbs, Oils, Shisha

  • The vaping versatility of the device, so whether the device is adaptable to all vaping methods: Tip or Balloon

  • Multi-user adapter for you and your guests at once

  • LCD display for a clear image of information for all guests to view

What are the Best Social Vaporizers?

There are a few devices on the market which are great for social gatherings, but based on the above recommendations there is one that stands out as the best.

You will be needing a device which is suitable for large groups, have a variety of features to provide some different options and a quality experience.

And the top device for the job is…


What Makes The Vapir Rise 2.0 The Perfect Social Vaporizer?

There are many reasons why the Vapir Rise 2.0 has been rated 5 stars by vapers, in the parties category, there is to be exact, 9 great reasons.

  1. Multi-user tip adapter that allows up to four people to use the vaporizer’s whip outlet at once.

  2. Vaping versatility: dry herbs, oils, and waxy oils

  3. Heated to perfect temperature in exactly 1 minute, so you can get started faster

  4. Direct assist for all four mouthpieces, so you can all join in together

  5. Massive balloon bag attachment for multi-users who don’t mind sharing

  6. Fan assist to make inhalation a breeze

  7. Touch pad controls for easy temperature settings and better user experience

  8. LCD temperature display for better reading and control as well as helpful if you or your guests have impaired vision

  9. 1st vaporizer to have a Hepa air filter system for those who want to maintain a certain healthy lifestyle

Other Outstanding Vaporizers For Parties And Events  

While the Vapir Rise 2.0 is presently the only vaporizer to offer a group tip adapter there are many other models that offer large balloon inhalation for group sharing, if that is more your style. Great brands such as Arizer and Volcano.

The Arizer Extreme Q model has a lot to offer with great features like,

  • Balloon bag

  • Vaping versatility: Dry herbs and oils

  • LCD display

  • Remote control

  • Fan Assist

Extreme_Q_lifestyle image

The Volcano Digit is another model with outstanding group features,

  • Balloon bag

  • Dry herbs

  • LCD display

  • German engineered and made


With a few options at your disposal, it will come down to what kind of experience you want to provide for your group and choose one of the above to meet those needs.

How To Guarantee An Excellent Social Vaping Experience

While life is unpredictable you can usually count on a few things to be constantly good such as your favorite flavors or your friends. The most important thing to remember beyond the device you choose is the dry herbs or oils that are going to compliment your theme.

Decide the mood you wish for your party guests, research the best aromatherapy herbs and oils that will help set the mood you’re going for. Stock up on the ones you have chosen and all that is left to do is have your family, friends and yourself sit back, relax and enjoy.

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