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Zephyr Ion Digital Whip and Balloon Desktop Vaporizer Faq

Q: Can I use any oil with the Zephyr Ion Balloon & Whip Desktop Vaporizer?

A: Yes, this desktop vaporizer comes with a liquid pad, so you can vape high viscosity oils as well as dry herbs.

Q: Does the Zephyr Ion come with whip or balloon function?

A: The old Zephyr Ion comes with balloon function only, while the new models come with balloon as well as with whip method.

Q: Does the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer come with a digital display?

A: Yes, that is correct. The Zephyr Ion comes with a large digital display for your convenience.

Zephyr Ion Display

Q: What’s the heating element made out of?

A: The Zephyr Ion Vaporizer comes with Ceramic Heating Element.

Q: What are the baskets and the mesh made of?

A: They both made of stainless steel.

Zephyr Ion Herb Basket

Q: Some vaporizer come with memory function. How about the Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer?

A: The Zephyr Ion Desktop Vaporizer comes with a memory function too, which means the vaporizer will remember of the last temperature you used.

Q: The digital screen of my Zephyr Ion is red, why is that?

A: You’ve probably just plugged in the vaporizer. The “Power LED” and the LCD screen will turn red indicating the desktop vape has power.

Q: How can I switch on the vaporizer?

A: Press the “Power Button”. The “Power LED