Vapir No2.V2 Portable Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I turn on my Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer?

A: There is an On/Off Power switch on the side of the vaporizer body. Select on, adjust the temperature and then press the red button to engage the heating.

Vapir NO2 Switch on off

Q: The LED on my Vapir NO2.V2 turned green. What does that mean?

A: Your Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer is ready to be used.

Q: How can I access the chamber?

A: The chamber is right under the Mouthpiece Top, twist the cap to remove the top.

Vapir NO2 Chamber

Q: Do I need to fully fill the chamber in with my dry herb blend?

A: It is recommended to fill the chamber in approx ¾ or less.

Q: What will happen if I fully fill in the chamber of my Vapir NO2.V2 vaporizer?

A: A fully filled chamber may restrict the airflow, which can negatively influence your vapor quality.

Q: What’s the tube for with the NO2?

A: You can use the silicone tube as a mouthpiece, just insert the mouthpiece top into the tube and start vaping.

Vapir NO2 with mouthpiece

Q: Can I use the Vapir NO2.V2 with concentrates?

A: The Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer is suitable for dry herbs only.

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 vaporizer come with a digital display?

A: Yes, this Vapir Vaporizer comes with an LCD temperature display.

Vapir NO2 V2 Buttons

Q: Are you carrying the genuine Vapir NO2.V2 Vaporizer?

A: Yes, VapeFuse is an Authorised Reseller of the Vapir vaporizers.

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer come with auto shut off mechanism?

A: Yes, the vaporizer will shut off after 20 minutes of continuous use. If you would like to keep vaping, press the red button to re-engage heating.

Q: How can I manually reset my Vapir NO2.V2 Vaporizer?

A: First, turn the Vapir NO2.V2 off and take the battery out from the vaporizer. Put the unit on charger, place the battery back and switch on the device. Make sure you replace the battery door as well.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer?

A: The vaporizer is 22cm high, 5.5cm in diameter and 136 grams.

Vapir NO2 V2 Vaporizer

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer come with preset or adjustable temperature setting?

A: The Vapir NO2.V2 comes with adjustable temperature range.

Q: How can I increase or decrease the temperature on my Vapir NO2.V2 Vaporizer?

A: Press the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust your temperature.

Q: When does the Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer start heating?

A: Push the red button to start the heating process.

Q: How do I know my Vapir NO2.V2 Vape is heating?

A: The LED will turn red, illuminating above the LCD Temperature Display.

Q: Do I need to fill in the chamber before I start heating the unit?

A: First heat up the vaporizer, once the light is green, remove the top and insert your ground dry herbs into the chamber.

Q: The LED light is jumping from green to red, why is that?

A: Once the Vapir NO2.V2 reached the desired temperature, the LED will go green. The temperature can drop slightly inside the vaporizer, which will result in the light turning back to red, meaning the vaporizer is heating again. When the green light comes on, it indicates the desired temperature is reached again.

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 come with set temperature memory?

A: Yes, every time you switch the Vapir NO2.V2 on, the vaporizer will remember your previously used temperature.

Q: Can I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

A: Sure, press the power button for 2-5 seconds to swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Q: Can I stop the heating while using the vaporizer?

A: Yes, press the red power on/off button. The red/green LED will turn off, indicating the Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer is not heating anymore.

Q: What’s the maximum temperature with the Vapir NO2.V2?

A: You can heat up the vaporizer to 204°C.

Vapir NO2 Heating

Q: What’s the heating element made of?

A: The Vapir NO2.V2 chamber is copper alloy, which is also lead free.

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 Vaporizer come with inbuilt or replaceable battery?

A: The Vapir NO2.V2 comes with replaceable Lithium Ion battery.

Q: How can I access the battery?

A: Open the battery door at the base of the unit to remove the battery.

Battery replacement Vapir NO2

Q: I’ve just received my Vapir NO2.V2. Do I need to charge the vaporizer prior to the first use?

A: Yes, for optimal battery performance, charge the vape for 8-12 hours before you start vaping.

Q: How long does it normally take to fully charge the battery of my Vapir NO2.V2?

A: To fully charge the Vapir NO2 battery, it takes about 4-6 hours.

Q: How can I charge the battery of my Vapir NO2.V2?

A: There is a wall charger included in the Vapir NO2.V2 kit, and the charging port is located at the base of the unit. Leave the battery inside the vaporizer while it’s plugged into an electrical wall outlet using the power adapter. 

Vapir NO2 Charging Port

Q: Can I use my Vapir NO2.V2 while it’s on the charger?

A: Yes, you can keep using your vaporizer while the battery is charging. To be able to start charging the battery, switch the Power button On.

Q: Does the Vapir NO2.V2 come with automatic charging function?

A: Yes, even if the Vapir NO2.V2 is switched on, the device will automatically start charging. Of course, it must be on the charger and the battery needs to be at 2 bars or less.

Q: Can I check the battery level anywhere on the digital display?

A: Yes, there is a battery level indicator at the lower right hand corner of the digital display.

Q: How do I know my Vapir NO2.V2 is charging?

A: The battery level indicator is blinking during charging.

Q: How long does the Vapir NO2.V2 fully charged battery last?

A: It last about 45 – 60 minutes, depending on how often you use your vaporizer and on what temperature setting.

Q: What the X Tip Mouthpiece is for?

A: You can attached the X Tip mouthpiece to the end of the silicone tube for ergonomic draws.

Vapir NO2 with Tube

Q: How often do I need to change the mesh screen of my Vapir NO2.V2 Portable Vaporizer?

A: Once you feel the airflow is restricted, it’s time to change the mesh screen and give the mouthpiece and chamber a nice clean as well.

Q: Is the Vapir NO2.V2 covered by warranty?

A: Yes, the Vapir NO2.V2 vaporizer comes with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Q: What should I do if I have any issues with my Vapir NO2.V2 Vaporizer?

A: If troubleshooting the vaporizer didn’t work, contact Vapir for warranty.

Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer Unboxing

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