Vaping vs. Smoking, the Facts You Need: Vaping 101

Smoking in Australia is slowly becoming impossibly expensive. Now be that as it may, many people out there are still choosing to smoke instead of vaping, which has serious ramifications for their health.

At VapeFuse Australia we’ve made it our mission to get a million Aussies off the darts and onto vaping, as it is a far more harmless alternative.

With this ‘Vaping 101’ webinar series we hope to help get Aussies in the know about herb vaping and its many benefits so that they can make the switch and do their lungs a favor.

Cigarette smoking kills over six million people around the globe annually, yet so many people still continue to pursue the addictive habit.

Not only is vaping less addictive than smoking, it actually helps you to quit nicotine and combustion all together!

Check out our Vaping 101 guide on Vaping vs. Smoking below and get in the know about all things herb vaping.

If you prefer a written transcript as opposed to a video, you can check it out here:

G’day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here, back again with another one of our intro to Vaping Videos.

Now, I’ve been tasked with creating this herb Vaping 101 Web Series, for our new VapeFuse Australia online store, so we can help our Aussie customers gain a bit more of an impression and what vaping is all about.

Now, here I have a dirty dart… Cigarettes account for more than six million deaths a year, meaning then we have a holocaust on our hands, annually, strictly as a result of smoking.

Now, vaping is so much more healthier than smoking and better for you in a number of ways.

Now, I touched on this in my last video, vaping, as opposed to smoking, doesn’t involve any combustion so the carbon and plant matter or tobacco or whatever that you’re consuming, isn’t actually being combusted, it’s strictly being converted into a water style vapor or gas.

Michelle with Phantom Mini Portable Vaporizer

The example I used in the last article about a kettle or a pot of oil, that when heated to a certain extent flaring and having that combustion point the same thing can be said with herbs.

Most herbs have a combustion point of sitting between 250 or 300 degrees Celsius.

That’s why most vaporizers have a temperature range between say 40 and 220 degrees Celsius.

All that does is it atomizes those essential oils and elements within the herb material and converts that into a vapor, it’s a lot healthier for you.

Vapor Cloud

There’s one of the additional advantages of vaping, is it doesn’t smell. Okay, so most of that smell that comes from smoke is a factor of combustion.

Vapor doesn’t linger in rooms, it won’t make your garage your room stink out for an extended period and ultimately when we look inside our body it does a lot more for us than smoking ever would.

When we smoke something, pretty much we’re just combusting it, lots of the flavor and essential elements are just gotten rid of before it even hits our lungs.

What happens to our lungs after that, is especially if it’s radioactive substances like nicotine, as it can cause Cancer, Emphysema, other bronchial diseases, with other substances that aren’t radioactive, although the smoke isn’t harmful per se for an extended period but what it does in the short term is it paralyzes the cilia.

Which are these tiny little hairs found in the lining of our lungs and then they can lead to is, sort of higher blood pressure, a bit of difficulty drawing breath and for another couple of things, that aren’t as lasting, you get sort of smelly mouth and everything like that too – stinky fingers.

Us at VapeFuse Australia, really think that vaping is a hobby that most people should pick up if they’re looking to convert from smoking.

Thanks for that guys remember to check out the rest of our Herb Vaping 101 videos, to stay in the know about vaping and improve your life.

Thank you

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