Storz and Bickel Crafty Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Crafty heating chamber made of?

A: The vaporizer chamber is made out of Food Grade Aluminum.

Q: Do I need to charge the Crafty before I start using it for the first time?

A: Yes, you’ll receive your new Crafty about 80% charged, put on the charger, and give that extra 20% for your Crafty before your first session.

Q: How long does it take to charge up fully my Crafty?

A: It really depends on how old your vaporizer is, and how high the charge in your battery is at the time you start charging it. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge it though, from 0 to 100%.

Q: Is there an automatic shut off mechanism on the Crafty?

A: Yes, the Crafty will shut off after one minute of the last press of the button or the last application. You’ll hear/feel a quick buzz when it happens.

Q: The Crafty switches off too fast, can I disable the automatic shut off in any way?

A: You can just press the on/off button for a sec, so you reset the automatic switch off to another minute.

Q: I noticed my Crafty is flashing red/blue? Why is that?

A: Nothing to worry about! It just means your vaporizer needs to heat up or cool down, so you can start vaping. All you need to do is just to wait a bit.

Q: Where are the Volcano Crafty products made?

A: The Crafty is made in Tuttlingen, Germany.

Q: What does the Crafty App do?

A: The CRAFTY App helps you choose your individual temperature settings, personalize the temperature in your own hands.
With the Storz & Bickel CRAFTY App, you can also use your smartphone to change the default settings.

Q: Which smartphones are suitable for the Crafty App?

A: The minimum requirement is iOS 6 for the iPhone or Android 4.3.

Please note that it is currently not available in the Apple Store, only Google Play. You can access the Storz and Bickel web app here.

Q: Is it okay not to use the Crafty App?

A: Yes, absolutely. You can use the unit as is, even without the app.
You can just work between the default settings (180°C basic temperature and 195°C booster temperature). If you want to customize your vaping temperature, then it is best to download the Crafty App to your phone. 

Q: How can I turn off the Crafty?

A: Press the on/off switch for half-second. Wait for the chamber to cool down before you pack it up again.

Q: What kind of heating method does the Crafty work with?

A: The Crafty works with combined hot air convection and radiation heating.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Crafty?

A: The Crafty is 110mm (4.3”) high, 57mm (2.2”) wide and 33mm (1.3”) deep, and approximately 135g (0.3lbs).

Storz and Bickel Crafty Vaporzier

Q: Can I use the Crafty for oils or liquids?

A: Yes, as well as for dry herbs. You just need to put the liquid pad into the chamber and put a couple of drops of oil on it and you are ready to start vaping.

Q: I’ve been using my Crafty App, but now I want to change back to the default settings how can I do that?

A: Press the on/off switch for about 10 seconds during operation and it should help to switch it back to the default. The Crafty will be vibrating and the LED will be flashing red, green, blue, red, green, blue.

Q: What’s included in the Crafty kit?

A: Check this video for more info:

Q: How can I remove the Cooling Unit?

A: Just turn it 90 degrees clockwise and you can remove it from the vaporizer.
When you put it back makes sure the cooling unit perfectly fits on the vaporizer.

Q: So what’s the maximum level til I can fill the chamber in?

A: You can fill the chamber in completely, until the plastic rim. For better airflow make sure you don’t compress your herbs too much.

Q: The chamber is too big for me, what should I do?

A: You can use a Dosing Capsule, that slightly makes the chamber smaller or you can put a liquid pad on your herbal materials, and then mount the cooling unit back.

Q: Does the Crafty come with a Digital Display?

A: No, the Crafty comes with a LED Display only, however, you can easily control your temperature by using the Crafty app on your smartphone. If you prefer digital display to track your vaporizing temperature, check out Storz & Bickel’s other very popular portable vaporizer, the Mighty which comes with a digital display.

Crafty Portable Vaporzier at the beach

Q: I travel a lot, do you have any case that I can carry my ground herb in?

A: Sure, you can just use the Filling Aid included in the kit as a Magazine and carry the ground herbs with you. Or use the dosing capsule, just prefill it and insert the capsule into the chamber any time you want to vaporize. Do you need some extra dosing capsules? You can grab some here.

Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule Caddy

Q: What material the vaporizer is made of?

A: Crafty is finely made from high-quality plastic

Storz and Bickel Crafty Vape at the lake

Q: Where can I find the serial number of the device?

A: The serial number is located at the bottom of the device.

Q: Do you sell genuine Crafty vaporizers?

A: Of course! We only supply original Storz & Bickel devices, and all Crafty vaporizers come with a unique serial number.

Q: Can I use the Crafty portable vaporizer while charging?

A: Yes, as long as the Crafty is partially charged. As the vaporizer cannot be operated with the power adapter/car charger if the battery is completely discharged, it is a must to partially charge the battery before any operations.

Q: What’s the basic temperature on the Crafty?

A: The basic temperature is 180°C (356°F). You can alter this by using your smartphone and the CRAFTY App.

Q: What is the recommended temperature to get the best aroma or flavors?

A: Generally speaking you get more medicinal benefits and flavors when using your vaporizer on high-temperature settings. Just be careful when increasing the temperature as the plant material will taste more roasted when using higher temperatures.

Q: What temperature range does the Crafty vaporizer come with?

A: The temperature on the Crafty can be set anywhere between 40°C (104°F) and 210°C (410°F).

Q: How to switch from the basic to the booster temperature?

A: Double click on the on/off button, flashing red means the unit is heating up to the boosting temperature. Once it’s reached, there will be a short double vibration and flashing green light appears.

Q: How long does it take to heat up the device to the next temperature?

A: It depends on the temperature that you wish to reach, it can take up to 2 minutes. And it also depends on how full your battery is charged.

Q: The Led is solid green and there were two vibrations, what does it mean?

A: The device reached the basic temperature.

Q: What kind of dry herbs can I use with my Crafty?

A: You can vaporize any dry herbs with your Crafty.

The obvious one is dry cannabis flowers, Having said that you can vape many other herbs, such as Eucalyptus, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Peppermint, Sage, and Damiana, etc.

Check out the recommended vaporizing temperature levels below:

Chamomile Flowers 190°C (374°F)
Damiana 190°C (74°F)
Lavender Flowers 130°C (266°F)
Lemon Balm Leaves 142°C (374°F)
Peppermint Leaf 124°C (255°F)

Q: I was trying to charge my Crafty but the LED is flashing red and green? Why

A: You are most likely using a wrong cable for charging your Crafty vaporizer. Make sure you always use an original Storz & Bickel charger to charge up your device. 

Q: So I’m charging my unit and the blue light started flashing slowly then rapidly… Is this okay?

A: Nothing to worry, referring to manual pg 15…

During the charging operation:

  • Blue flashing: the battery is up to 30% charged
  • Blue, rapidly flashing light: the battery is between 31% and 60% charged
  • Blue, slow-flashing light: the battery is between 61% and 96% charged
  • Steady blue light: Ready, the battery is fully charged

Following switch off

  • Blue flashing: the battery is completely discharged
  • Blue, rapidly flashing light: the battery is between 1% and 32% charged
  • Blue, slow-flashing light: the battery is between 32% and 64% charged
  • Steady Blue light: the battery is between 64% and 100% charged.

Q: There was a quick buzz when I put my Crafty on the charger. Is it normal?

A: Yes, it just indicates that the battery is charging. You probably also notice the Led display lights up in green, red, and blue for a sec. It’s totally normal, the charger is working. Once it’s done charging, first unplug the power adapter and then remove the cable from the vaporizer

Q: My Crafty is quite old and the battery gets flat very quickly, can I buy a replacement battery?

A: The Crafty battery can be replaced at the factory only, for more details please contact us.

Q: Once my Crafty gets fully discharged, can I keep vaping by putting it on the charger straight away?

A: Even if you place your Crafty on the charger, you still need to wait a little bit if the battery fully drained. Once there is some power in the battery you can keep vaping.

Q: Where can I charge the Crafty?

A: The charging plug is located on the side of the device covered by the Filling Chamber Tool.

Q: What’s happening with my Crafty when it’s flashing blue?

A: Time to charge your vape, the battery is completely flat…

Q: Is there a replacement cooling unit available for the Crafty?

A: Sure, you can buy new replacement cooling units for the Crafty as a single unit or as a pack of 3.

Crafty Cooling Unit Set

Q: Can I fit the Crafty cooling unit on my Mighty?

A: The Mighty Cooling Unit is a bit bigger than the Crafty Cooling Unit.

Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty Cooling Units
*Image is for illustration purposes only, showing the difference between the Crafty and Mighty Cooling Unit.

Q: Does the Crafty come with Dosing Capsule?

A: Yes, all new Crafty comes with a Dosing Capsule, that you can easily fit in your chamber.

Crafty and Dosing Capsule

Q: Is the Crafty portable vaporizer available with Australian Power Adapter?

A: Yes, an Australian Power Adapter is available if you buy your Crafty in Australia. It is also available with US, European, and UK power adapters.

Crafty Vaporizer Kit

Q: Where should I put the liquid pad?

A: Just place it into the chamber, easy as.

Storz and Bickel Liquid Pad

Q: Is there a Car Charger available for the Crafty?

A: Sure, there is, a car charger for the crafty made by Storz and Bickel.

Storz and Bickel Crafty Car Charger

Q: Does the Crafty package include a grinder? Or do I need to purchase it separately?

A: The Crafty comes with a genuine Storz & Bickel Acrylic Herb Grinder.

Storz and Bickel Dry Herd Gridner

Q: Which part of the Crafty does need to be cleaned regularly?

A: It is recommended to clean the Cooling Unit regularly. You can use alcohol (ethanol) or warm water to wash it up for a short period maximum of an hour.

Q: How often do I need to clean the screens?

A: For better airflow, it’s recommended to clean the screens after each use with the super cool brush included in the kit. You may need to remove the screen to be able to clean it properly or if it’s very clogged you may want to replace it.

You can get replacement screens for your Crafty at most vape shops.

Q: What is covered by the warranty?

A: The warranty covers manufacturer defects for 2 years after purchase. Defects due to wear or misuse are not covered by the warranty.

Q: My device stopped working, what should I do?

A: Try to reset the device by pressing the On-Off-Button for 10 seconds. If it doesn’t work, contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

Q: My Crafty is not charging, what should I do?

A: Try charging your vaporizer through a different USB cable from a device like a computer. This will tell you whether the unit or the charger is defective. If the charger is faulty, you will need a replacement CRAFTY Power Adapter.

If this doesn’t help, try to reset your device by pressing the On-Off-Button for 10 seconds or via the CRAFTY Remote Control app. If your vaporizer is still not working, I suggest you lodge your warranty claim.

Q: My Crafty flashes red/orange, I guess it means I need to send it back to you…

A: Yes, your Crafty is faulty. Contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

Q: Hey, my Crafty won’t charge anymore. I tried to use a different cable but I think the issue is with the pin inside the charging port. 

I believe it got damaged. Is it covered by the warranty?

A:  For your information, any damage caused by misuse of the USB-port is not covered by the warranty and the unit cannot be repaired either.

Q: I cannot switch on my Crafty? Is it faulty?

A: Please make sure your Crafty is charged, as it may be just the case of a flat battery. If it’s not the battery then Contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

Q: I try to turn on my Crafty, and there is no vibration at all… Is there any fault?

A: Your Crafty is most likely faulty. Contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

Q: My Crafty shuts down mid-session without warning. Is it covered by the warranty?

A: Contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

Q: I try to charge my Crafty Portable Vaporizer, however, I believe there is an issue with the battery as it won’t hold a charge. I left the vape on the charger for several hours, but it’s just flashing blue when I switch it on. Please advise.

A: Contact Storz and Bickel to register your warranty claim.

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