Volcano Digit

9.2/10 (Expert Score)
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Volcano Digit
  • Top-quality Balloon Desktop Vaporizer, designed and engineered by Storz&Bickel, maker of the world’s best vaporizers,
  • Guaranteed 3 years warranty by Storz&Bickel


Exemplifying innovation and advanced technology, the Volcano Digit is a balloon desktop vaporizer that represents the famous German manufacturing and reliability. It has the most advanced vaporizing technology under its hood. It is designed and engineered by Storz & Bickel who are well known for their world-class vaporizers and technology.

Storz and Bickel Volcano Digit Besktop Herbal vaporizer

The Volcano Digit is basically the Digital version of the Classic. If you prefer a digital machine to go along with our modern lifestyle, then this is your Volcano.

Design of the Volcano Digit

Resembling the Classic, Volcano Digit comes with the extra large digital display screen for the temperature and +/- buttons to adjust the heat level. It comes in the same satin chrome finish with a black base where the heat and air buttons are located, as well as the lamp that lights up when heating is in progress.

Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

Heating Chamber of the Volcano Digit

This vaporizer comes with an included NEW Easy Valve Set with 4 pre-assembled balloons with mouthpieces and an adapter for use with the 3-meter balloon tubes.

The NEW Easy Valve Starter Set Includes:
4 x Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpieces,
1 x Balloon Adapter,
1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber for Herbs,
1 x Easy Valve Normal Screen Set,
1 x Cleaning Brush,
1 x Liquid Pad,
3 x Filling Chamber Clip.

Check out our short video explaining each individual valve system:

Now all Volcano vaporizers come with the Easy Valve Starter Kit.

The Easy Valve Kit included with your brand new Volcano includes 4 pre-assembled balloons with mouthpieces, so you don’t need to change the food grade plastic balloon, you just start using the next balloon from your kit. When you used all your 5 balloons, you need to get a replacement set, that includes 6 new pre-assembled balloons with mouthpieces. It also includes an Easy Valve with a balloon adapter, so instead of buying pre-assembled balloons, you can buy the balloon rolls.

The Easy Valve Kit includes the following:

4 x Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpieces
1 x Easy Valve with Balloon Adapter
1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber for Herbs,
1 x Easy Valve Normal Screen Set,
1 x Cleaning Brush,
1 x Liquid Pad,
3 x Filling Chamber Clip

Easy Valve Starter Set New Packaging

Temperature Range

Volcano Digit has a wide temperature range from 40°C (104°F) to 230°C (446°F) giving you a lot of room to suit your personal preference in heating your favorite material. Temperature can also be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. And heating time can take up to 3 minutes or so depending on the heat level you set.

When the chamber’s temperature drops while you are using the unit, the control lamp will light up to indicate that it is heating up again.

Battery/ Power

A power cord is supplied with every Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer, allowing you to enjoy your blend longer without worrying about losing power unless you have a case of power outage. 🙂

As a safety mechanism, the device will turn off 30 minutes of being idle or after the last time a button is pressed.

Extra Features

Air Pump which is very powerful, pumping out approximately 12 liters of vapor a minute. Air Filter to keep air clean and free of any particles. Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer can be purchased separately if you prefer to vaporize a smaller amount of herbs. Dosing Capsules which can also be purchased separately, can be used with micro-dosing or load them up with your herbs ahead for later use. It can be used directly in the chamber along with the filling chamber reducer when it’s time to vaporize.

Volcano Digit Vaporizer Graphics


The Volcano Digit is backed by Storz&Bickel with a 3-year warranty giving you the assurance that your device is of high German manufacturing quality and will last you a long time to enjoy an extremely smooth, clean and flavorful vapor every time.

What’s in the Pack

Volcano Digit Heating Unit, Storz-Bickel acrylic herb grinder, Power Plug Adapter, Replacement Air Filters Plus your chosen valve system.

Overall, the Volcano desktop vaporizers are the gold standard in the vaporization market. If you want only the best for your health and relaxation, then you’ll never go wrong with the Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer.

9.2Expert Score
Volcano Digit
The Boss
The Volcano Digit is a powerhouse desktop vaporizer with balloon collection.
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • German engineered and made
  • Powerful heating element and air pump
  • Easy digital control
  • Very high quality vapor
  • Price is above average


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  1. Jack

    I tried it out on the same night I got it and the first balloon I made with it already showed how superior it is.
    It fills up a balloon in less than a minute literally and seem to produce very fine vapour. The leftover vaporised material is pale brown, not dark brown that I used to get with my previous vaporizer.
    I got the solid valve system and it has been working perfectly. Needs a clean every time I change the balloon, so not that much maintenance at all.

    Really easy to use, you just press the green button to turn it on. It takes 3 – 4 minutes to heat up. So I usually turn it on a little bit before I plan to use it, so I don’t have to wait around.
    Once it’s on, it is very quick to fill the balloon.

    After use I pull up the pin in the chamber, I find it stays cleaner this way. But watch out as it gets very hot, so I just pull the pin a little bit up making sure I don’t burn myself. When I left the screen pressing against the herbs and left the chamber to cool down like that, the herbs stuck to the top screen a bit more and it got resin built up a little quicker.

    Cleaning the chamber is easy and straightforward. Same for changing the balloon.

    I like the quality of the machine a lot. Nice touches, like showing the temperature going down after the unit is turned off, and the fact that everything just seems to work on it. I got the digital version and I am happy I did as I like to be able to see the temperature on the unit any time and know where it’s up to. The analog one is cheaper and most people I know has that, however I do think the digit is cooler and I am happy I chose this one.

    It is not my first vaporizer, and I tried many others on top of the ones I have and I am comfortable to say that this is the best one I have used.
    I never looked back since I got my digit. The only thing that I can hold against it is that it is not small.
    I have it in my bathroom permanently and it does take up space.

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  2. Steamin Sam

    If you want the smoothest vapour, or just the best medical vaporizer on the market , The volcano is the only choice,

    Volcano has a high volume air pump which fills balloons quickly,
    This means not all the vapour is expelled from the herb during 1 balloon. This keeps the vapour very smooth and tasty.
    You usually require 2-3 balloons to expel all vapour from your herb.

    Most other home vaporizers have smaller fans with smaller herb chambers, eg; the Extreme q expels most of the herb into one balloon.
    Making it a little harsher than the Volcano, but more heavy hitting,

    Regular vapers will find they need 2-3 balloons for good effect,
    Where smaller machines like Extreme Q, one bag provides good effect,

    I have used and own both,
    The Extreme Q is the highest selling home vaporizer ever,
    The Volcano is rated as the best device ever,

    Bottomline, Buy yourself a Extreme Q, Unless you can afford the Top Dog.

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  3. Ros

    What a PARTY that was.
    Seriously i had never used or even seen one of these Volcanos until last week, but WOW what a MACHINE.
    We had 4 people going every day for over a week.
    The Volcano never missed a beat, it just kept on making balloon after balloon after balloon until we could not fit anymore in.
    Every single day we just turned on the Volcano and after it warmed up away we went again & again, hahahahaha.
    This is one wicked machine thats all i can say.
    If you want a Super Reliable party machine, then the Volcano is the answer, dont worry about any other vaporizer or company, just click on here and get this one from Vapefuse if you want to deal with a great company and get yourself one wicked vaporizer.
    I was amazed how powerful it is and it just keeps on going and going and never stops.
    Go for it…

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