Volcano Classic

9.3/10 (Expert Score)
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Volcano Classic
  • Guaranteed to give the finest vaping experience, The Volcano Classic Desktop Balloon Vaporizer by the German company, Storz-Bickel
  • Top-quality Balloon Desktop Vaporizer with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Volcano Classic is a world-class balloon desktop vaporizer. It represents not only the super high standards of the German manufacturers Storz & Bickel but it also carries the most advanced vaporizing technology under its hood. The highly acclaimed German engineering is fulfilled with a robust and completely electromagnetic design, based on a stainless steel cone.

Accordingly, it is built with precise electronic control utilizing a high-performance heating cartridge and temperature fuse.

Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

Design of the Volcano Classic

Shape like a Volcano as its name suggests, the Classic comes with a stainless steel body sitting on a solid black plastic base. It has a classic black dial for the temperature adjustment. A red button is for Heat while the green one is for activating the air pump. It also comes with a lamp in between the red and green buttons that work as a heating process indicator.

With Volcano products, user health is certainly a high priority. The entire unit is made with odor-free and food-safe materials.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Graphics

Heating Chamber of the Volcano Classic

The Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer comes equipped with a NEW Easy Valve Set, which includes 4 pre-assembled balloons with mouthpieces, and an adapter for use with the 3-meter balloon tubes.

The NEW Easy Valve Starter Set Includes: 4 x Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpieces, 1 x Balloon Adapter, 1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber for Herbs, 1 x Easy Valve Normal Screen Set, 1 x Cleaning Brush,  1 x Liquid Pad,  3 x Filling Chamber Clip.

Check out our short video explaining each individual valve system:

If you’re looking for a different vaping experience, you can try out the other optional Volcano Valve kits, the Solid Valve and the Easy Valve Starter Sets!

#1 – Solid Valve – this is the traditional Volcano valve. With this set you use a solid valve and mouthpiece and change the balloon on your mouthpiece as you need. When you do need to change the food grade plastic balloon, it takes a few minutes to do so.

The Solid Valve Kit includes the following: 1 x Valve 1 x Filling Chamber for Herbs, 1 x Mouthpiece, 1 x Normal Screen Set, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Liquid Pad, 1 x 3m Volcano Balloon Tube

#2 – Easy Valve – This valve set includes 5 pre-assembled balloons with mouthpieces, so you don’t need to change the food grade plastic balloon, you just start using the next balloon from your kit. When you used all your 5 balloons, you need to get a replacement set, that includes 6 new preassembled balloons with mouthpieces.

The Easy Valve Kit includes the following: 5 x Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpieces, 1 x Easy Valve Filling Chamber for Herbs, 1 x Easy Valve Normal Screen Set, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Liquid Pad, 3 x Filling Chamber Clip

Easy Valve Starter Set

Temperature Range

Utilizing a traditional dial, the Volcano Classic comes with 9 temperature levels to heat up your materials:

1 – 130°C (266°F) 2 – 142°C (288°F) 3 – 154°C (309°F) 4 – 166°C (331°F) 5 – 178°C (352°F) 6 – 190°C (374°F) 7 – 202°C (396°F) 8 – 214°C (417°F) 9 – 226°C (439°F)

Battery/ Power

Supplied with a power cord, every Volcano desktop vaporizer gives you enough time to enjoy your blend whether solo or with a group without worrying about losing power.

Extra Features

A powerful Air Pump that pumps out approximately 12 litres of vapor per minute.

The Air Filter at the base is keeping the air clean and free of particles. If you find the Easy Valve Chamber too big for your sessions, then try the Easy Valve Filling Chamber Reducer. This can be purchased separately and can be used to vaporize a smaller amount of herbs or oil along with using the liquid pad.

With Volcano vaporizers, micro-dosing or storing your herbs for later use is made easy and convenient with the Dosing Capsules which can be purchased separately.


Every Volcano desktop vaporizer is backed with a 3-year warranty by Storz&Bickel.

This guarantees that your Volcano is of high quality showcasing the superior German engineering to provide you with an exceptional vapor quality for a long time.

What’s in the Pack

Volcano Classic Heating Unit, Storz-Bickel acrylic herb grinder, Power Plug Adapter, Replacement Air Filters Plus your chosen valve system – Solid or Easy Valve

So if you’re looking at getting a desktop vaporizer, why not choose the best that truly provides real value for your money. It’s a big investment, but with Volcano desktop vaporizers, you’ll never go wrong whether it’s for your health or for relaxation. It’s simply the best and will serve its purpose for a long time. Take yours today…

9.3Expert Score
Volcano Classic
The original herbal vaporzier
Created over 20 years ago, it is still one of the best desktop vapes on the market.
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Incredible vapor quality
  • Reliable tested and tried vaporizer
  • Very easy to use
  • Little higher price


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  1. converted

    I’ve been smoking 20+ years decided to have a go at vaping for health reasons, I searched for the best and the volcano seems to be the one the majority agrees upon. I was amazed at the quality of taste that was coming out, I tried 4 different strains that all tasted completely different from creamy resin to over ripe mangoes yum.

    I was impressed so I showed a few mates and 1 rang me the next day and asked the questions where? how much? easy or solid valve? which freebie did I get?

    I have found vapefuse to be the most helpful after sales business I have ever dealt with in my time, and ive bought suits and hired tuk tuks in thailand. I wanted an original storz and bickel for the best value, and thats what i got plus they through in a free grindaroo happy happy joy joy

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  2. I’m over combustion

    I’m a longtime smoker who wanted to give my lungs a break. I decided to take the plunge into vapes, and did a lot of online research.

    The volcano became the standout ‘dream’ vape I wanted. I was going to get a less expensive vape, but I thought rather than spend $200 – $300 and possibly not be happy with a product… I saved up, and decided on the volcano. I needed an Aussie 240V Storz and Bickel and was unsure when looking in different online stores which ones were 240V.

    Once I found VapeFuse, I sent them a message at about 10:30am. Not only did they get back to me within 15 minutes, I pulled the trigger and purchased the Volcano at about 11am. Matt and the Vapefuse crew got straight to work, and sent the package overnight express immediately! I was vaping the next day at about 2pm!! Pretty outstanding service.

    I have been vaping on it now for almost two months, and I can safely say I will never go back to combustion! As a product, this does as much and more than what you’ve heard and it is stellar at it’s job. This is a extremely happy customer right here! If you want to get into vaping, jump in the deep end, it is worth it! The volcano is worth it’s weight in gold to me now and my lungs are forever grateful.

    I don’t usually write reviews, but I was so stoked on the service and the product, I felt compelled to leave one. This is not a paid review or sponsored or anything like that, just a solid recommendation by a very happy customer

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