VapirRise 2.0

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  • Powerful desktop vaporizer designed by Vapir Inc in California
  • Known for its versatility, can be used for dry herbs and oils
  • Grab one of the most customizable desktop vaporizers by Vapir, the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Device.


Designed by Vapir Inc in California, the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Vaporizer is the most versatile unit on the market. It can be used with both Balloon or Whip inhalation methods, whether on your own or with a group (up to 4 people). This device is recommended to be used with dry herbs and oils.


The influence of the Silicon Valley (where Vapir is based) is evident as soon as you hold the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate box in your hands. It high-quality device that is building up great momentum and becoming more and more popular in Australia. Let’s find out why…

Design of The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate

The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate comes in a clean, polished finish, in a durable and robust high-quality stainless steel housing resembling a classic flower base with its round base and elongated body. An innovative touchpad holds the + and – buttons for the temperature and fan speed.

In between the touchpads is the oblong digital screen that provides a clear view of the temperature and the Heat button just below it.

The Power button is right at the back near the power plug. If you love vaping in solitude, a single user adapter comes with the kit. But for times that you like to chill with loved ones and friends, then the multi-user adapter, which can accommodate up to four (4) people will make vaping more fun and interactive.

Check out our video on how to use the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate Desktop Device as we introduce this awesome desktop device:

Heating Chamber of The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate

The device comes with two (2) chambers both made of medical-grade stainless steel. One for dry herbs and another for oil and concentrates. This option allows you to enjoy different materials to suit your mood and preferences. The chamber clips perfectly into an adapter and should you need to grab it while it’s hot, a hot chamber grabber is included in the kit.

Temperature Range

With a ceramic heating element, the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate comes with a wide range of temperature from as low as 65°C to as high as 215°C (150°F to 420°F) which can be conveniently adjusted through the +/- buttons in the touchpad. Heating time is as fast as one minute or so.

Battery/ Power

One main advantage of desktop vaporizers like the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate is the power cord that goes straight into the mains power supply. With the device plugin directly to the power source, you can enjoy vaping for longer period especially if you are with friends. However, for safety purposes, the device is equipped with auto shut off after 20 minutes of use. Should this happen and you still want to continue your session, simply press the Heat button.

Extra Features

Use Balloon or Whip inhalation method whichever suit your mood. Operate it with or without the fan. 9 Levels of fan speed. With a single and multi-user adapter, it allows you to vape alone or vape party with friends. Each outlet (4 outlets) in the Multi-user adapter has its own lever to turn on and off. HEPA air filter for a pure, clean vapor production. With Drilled Plate Screen that allows for easy cleaning and last longer.


The VapirRise2.0 Ultimate is made to Vapir’s high quality manufacturing standard and this is guaranteed with a two-year warranty.

What’s in the Pack

Having laid everything out about the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate, now it’s your time to take action.

This device has all the versatility of a desktop vaporizer allowing to enjoy different options while not compromising high performing vaporization technology to effectively bring out the best flavor of your materials.

But at the same time, it is well-priced for all the features it offers. If you don’t have a desktop vaporizer yet or even if you already have, the VapirRise2.0 Ultimate will make a great addition to your collection and will easily blend in, on your tabletop.

8.5Expert Score
VapirRise 2.0 The VapirRise 2.0 Ultimate desktop vaporizer with whip and balloon functions.
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Easy to use tabletop vaporizer
  • 9 fan levels offer control over fan speed
  • Balloon collection a little tedious


Videos: VapirRise 2.0

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