Plenty Vaporizer

8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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Plenty Vaporizer
  • Created by German makers Storz&Bickel, known for designing world-class vaporizers.
  • Powerful handheld vaporizer that comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
Plenty Vaporizer
Plenty Vaporizer



Made by the famous German company Storz&Bickel, Plenty handheld vaporizer is as powerful and reliable, as the other Volcano products. It is tactically designed to deliver high-quality vapor, that is perfectly cooled down, thanks to its long cooling coil.

Plenty is great for dry herbs, as well as liquid or concentrates with the use of liquid pads. Find our more if this device fits you.

Check out our short video below, introducing the Plenty to you:

Design of the Plenty Vaporizer

Disguising as a power tool, Storz&Bickel designed the Plenty in a unique way to showcase how traditional and modernity can go together.

Its construction provides ease and convenience use of the device. The auto-off release handle allows you to have a good grip of the device, and also within reach is the orange round power button.

Moving downwards you will find the temperature wheel to adjust the heat level. It is equipped with a classic analog thermometer to show the actual temperature of the chamber when in use. Just below the thermometer is the control lamp to indicate the heating process.

The cooling coil also provides enough passage for the vapor to become cool and more refreshing when it enters your system. Just a warning though, do not change the alignment of the coil as that can affect the vapor quality.

Plenty Vaporizer with Cooling Coil

Heating Chamber of the Plenty

The Plenty has a shallow wide bowl design that allows a better vaporization process with your material.

However, if you prefer to have a smaller amount of herbs, the liquid pad that comes with the kit can double as a spacer to hold the material inside the chamber. Or you can purchase separately the Plenty filling chamber reducer, which comes with a dosing capsule if you wish to vaporize a small amount of material.

Temperature Range

With the temperature adjustment wheel you can choose to increase or decrease the heat setting from levels 1 to 7: 1- 130°C (266°F),  2- 142°C (288°F ), 3 – 154°C (310°F), 4 – 166°C (331°F), 5 – 178°C (352°C), 6 – 190°C (374°F) and 7 – 202°C (396°F)

Heating time is around a minute to 4, depending on the heat level you choose. The Control Lamp turns off when the desired temperature is reached.


Plenty comes with a power cord so vaping for a longer period or with a group is not a problem.

Extra Features

Liquid Pad allows you to vaporize with concentrate or liquid materials mess-free.

Filling Chamber Reducer option, which you can purchase separately, lets you use a smaller amount of herbs.

Dosing Capsule, that can be purchased separately, which is great for someone who is micro-dosing.

It can be used to store your materials ahead for later use. And with herbs filled into to these small cans, you can load it to your Plenty’s chamber straight away for a mess-free loading of dry herbs and cleaner chamber.


Plenty handheld vaporizer is backed by Storz&Bickel with a 3-year warranty. This gives you complete peace of mind that your device is made to a high manufacturing standard and will last you a long time.

What’s in the box?

Plenty Vaporizer Heating Unit, Vaporization Unit (includes a mouthpiece, cooling coil and filling chamber) 3 x Normal Screens 1 x Liquid Pad Cleaning Brush

8.5Expert Score
Plenty Vaporizer
Very nice vapor
A German engineered and made whip style desktop vaporizer.
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Very high vapor quality
  • Made to high EU standards
  • Takes a bit of an effort to clean

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Plenty Vaporizer

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  1. Goober32

    I own a volcano digital, bought this to check it out. Heating element burns material unless you disassemble the top bit from the heating element between draws. Great idea terrible execution

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  2. Geoff

    This vaporiser is durable and looks like a power tool….so no one asks questions!

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  3. Bruce

    This is the best whip style vaporizer I have used so far.
    I really love the size of the chamber on this thing. The big chamber is awesome as if I don’t use it for a while I just put it aside and pick it up when want to use it again and it’s ready to go.
    Easy to keep it clean too, however I haven’t really cleaned the coil yet, has not needed to be as of yet.
    I used a Budda before this, so that is what I mostly compare it to in terms of whip vaporizers. This one I find a lot easier to use, the Budda literally took me a week to get, this one got for the first go.
    I like that this is a lot easier to pass around than the buddha that kind of has to stay on the table, while this is only limited by the cable, (which I sometimes use an extension cable for).
    This is the main vaporizer I use most these days.

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  4. Bob

    It’s a pretty damn good toy to have. Good quality output as well. Looks over engineered in some way though. Set phasers to poof. 🙂

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