Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable 1 Gram (1000mg)

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Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable 1 Gram (1000mg)

For our latest disposable vape, we’ve combined our stunningly pure delta 8 THC distillate with the ultra-potent, ultra-flavorful terpenes found in freshly extracted live resin. The result is even more satisfaction than you ever thought possible, combined with the extreme convenience of using a maintenance-free disposable vaping system.

Our Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable 1 Gram (1000mg) are amazing. Their ingredients include hemp derived D8 oil, Live Resin, hemp derived terpenes. Comes in 4 flavors:


Hawaiian Haze: Delivers a calming state of mind and a buzz feeling. Has a chestnut flavor and aroma.


Cherry Abascus: This cherry woody strain is for you if you want a more joyful high with an energy boost. Has a cherry and woody taste and aroma.

Ghost Train Haze: With a potent citrus taste, this strain is sure to leave you feeling euphoric and alert.


Sour Space Candy: Sure to leave you in a euphoric state of peace and tranquility. Has a mix of citrus and diesel flavors.
Ingredients: Hemp Derived D8 Oil, Live Resin, Hemp-Derived Terpenes.
Cherry Abacus

With its rich cherry flavor, this celebrated strain is great for alleviating tension throughout the body, and boosting your mood and focus.

Ghost Train Haze

n unbelievably uplifting and euphoric strain complete with flavor notes of pine and sour citrus.

Sour Electra

With dominant notes of berries and citrus, this crowd-pleaser gives you a major pep in your step, being perfect for morning time when your body and mind could use a boost.

Monster Puff (Marshmallow OG)

Marshmallow OG is a hybrid strain with a name that tells you all you need to know. Its creamy flavor is followed by a balanced high first felt as uplifted euphoria. This transitions to complete relaxation that has you ready to make S’mores and tell scary stories by the campfire.


Tasting just like the classic holiday treat, this strain lifts your spirits while offering a warm and tingly, yet non-sedating, body high.


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