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  • Powerful desktop vaporizer with whip and balloon function, redesigned and reengineered by Arizer.
  • Its ceramic heating element and glass vapor path gives a unique flavor.
  • Comes with aromatherapy diffuser and additional potpourri bowl that enhances the scent of your room.
Extreme Q



You are looking at the recently updated, newly improved Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer.

Made by the Canadian vape company Arizer, the new Extreme Q had undergone enhancements to meet the most demanding vapor needs as well as the discriminating taste of vapers.

The device now comes with a triple heat sensor that speeds up the heating time along with a more precise temperature control and variable fan speed to vaporize your favorite dry blend. And you can also enjoy both whip and balloon inhalation methods with the Extreme Q Vaporizer.

Check out the Extreme Q Vaporizer review below:

Design of the Extreme Q

Looking elegant with a midnight chrome finish, the Extreme Q is made durable with a dual stainless steel housing that also keeps the exterior cool to the touch when in use. It also features a cool blue light at the base which is perfect for a dimly lit room if you want to vape discreetly or for a more relaxing ambiance.

It stands (without the parts) at 170mm with a diameter of 165mm and weighs 420grams.

Designed for easy operation, it has a control panel with the LCD and four (4) buttons for power, menu and the up and down arrows.

It also comes with glass parts (like the mouthpieces) wherever possible to ensure a clean vapor sensation.

Heating Chamber of the Extreme Q

Unique to the Arizer desktop vaporizers is the glass cyclone bowl that ensures an even distribution of air passing through the bowl and therefore creates a very efficient vaporizing process and produces a full flavoured vapour.

Just a note though that the temperature displayed on the screen of the Extreme Q is for the heating element so the temperature in the chamber is always lower than what’s on the digital display. We recommend you set the temperature a little higher, above the recommended heat setting of your favorite dry blend for an effective vapor production.

Temperature Range

The temperature can be adjusted between 50°C – 260°C (122°F – 500°F) and you can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. It is adjustable by one (1) degree increments through the up and down buttons in the Control Panel or via the Remote Control.

The heating time takes about 2 – 3 minutes.

Battery/ Power

With a power cord that you can connect to the mains power supply, you are assured that your vaping session will not be limited even with high-temperature levels.

However, you have the option to set an auto shut-off time from 0.5 up to 4 hours. This can also be done through the remote control that comes with the kit.

Extra Features

Remote Control feature is the first of its kind in the vaping industry. This allows you to control your Extreme Q from a distance. Potpourri / Aromatherapy Dish that comes in the kit provides another option for you and your loved ones to enjoy a wonderful aroma filling up your home. Three (3) level fan speed that stays quiet during use.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Graphics


Quality and longevity is assured with a massive 3-year warranty for parts and services to give you peace of mind that your investment in this unit is for the long haul. Not to forget is the lifetime warranty on the heating element!

What’s in the Pack

Check out our unboxing video of the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer below:

9.3Expert Score
Extreme Q
Old faitfull
The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the most popular and most beloved vaporizers ever made
Vapor Quality
Ease of Use
  • Dual system with whip delivery and balloon collection
  • Glass parts for pure vapor
  • Canadian made
  • Glass parts can break


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  1. Chris

    Thank you for the quick delivery, I have been using it for a few months now. I wanted to have a fair time using it before I review it.
    This is my second desktop vaporiser, I wanted to have one with the balloon function. So I mostly use the Extreme Q with balloon, however I have used the whip as well.

    I use the vaporiser for health reasons and have to use it several times (2 – 4) a day and for regular use like this, the balloon function is very very useful.

    Overall I am very happy with it and below I go through my experience in more details for those that might be interested.

    It is super easy to use and very straight forward with the remote especially. The bowl is incredibly effective and functions very well with the balloon as well as with the whip.
    I have used it with a very little herbal material to nearly full bowl and got very effective sessions both ways.
    I never touch the buttons on the machine, always use the remote, which I find very handy.

    With such a regular use, I clean the machine every week or two as resin builds up on the glass part, however that is not unique to the Extreme Q, I used to have the same with my old vaporiser as well. Cleaning the extreme q is quite quick, I just wipe off the bowl and the glass elbow .. done in about 5 to 10 minutes all up.

    The density and quality of the vapour is not comparable to portable devices (or at least to the ones I used), this is a totally different ballgame.
    Very good quality and aroma vapour I get from the Q.
    The black rubber bit on the top of the bowl makes it easy to handle it while it’s hot and I built up a routine to remember not to put the hot glass onto the side rim of the machine or any other surface as it gets HOT!

    I have been thinking to come up with some cons as well, however I struggle to do so. I believe it is a very good value for the price.

    The dome filter in the glass elbow part blocks up with resin after a while, so that needs to be changed, however I never changed the bottom screen in the bowl yet, it is still perfect. The balloons I replace every few weeks, I just buy the Volcano balloons and cut those to size using the glass mouthpiece that comes with the Extreme Q, I found this works out cheaper.
    The balloon that comes with it is softer than the Volcano one though.
    So far it looks like it is going to last for a very long time and it is certainly very well suited for frequent use and made to last. Perfect for the very frequent use that I need. (Posted on 18/05/2015)

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  2. Monaro Man

    I really love my extreme Q have had it for 2 months now and the only thing I can fault is the glass peices are little fragile , other than that it is a great vaporiser, the service from vapefuse.com has been great and would completely recommend them to anyone, it’s hard to find good service these days! Will be buying from them again.

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  3. Ana

    Wonderful product! Very easy to use and reliable. The glass attachments are a little fragile, but that’s to be expected. Always great quality and consistent vapour. Love it 🙂

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  4. Che che

    I am very fond of my Arizer Extreme Q.
    Easy to use with bag or whip. Excellent value for money considering it is half the price of some pottable vapes.
    No question the Hurricane is by far the best desktop out there. The price point is a winner for Arizer. Love it!

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  5. Matty

    I am very happy with my arizer extreme Q, have had it for a few months now and I really like it, it is great that it has the option of balloon or whip. Also loved dealing with vapefuse.com! They have great customer service and very speedy delivery. I will be buying a portable vape from them very soon

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  6. Chico’n’Toots

    Discrete and quiet operation.
    Accurate temperature adjustment.
    Streamline appearance.
    Adequate startup spare parts provided.
    Transaction seamless.
    Service prompt.
    Packaging and delivery first class.

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  7. Macca

    I love this vape, it has bee around the block and back again with mates who have dropped it and lost pieces and broken mouth pices. all in all every time i turn it on it works, i have had this vape since 2013 and iv never had a single issue, i lost my whip and my remote, but i dont care, because i still have the same bag same bowl same elbow piece and it still keeps pumping thick vapor.

    When your glass pieces get golden boil them in milk, resin in soluable in fat, chuck some milo in it and thank me later guys.

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  8. Liba

    Simply the best vaporizer!

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  9. Ros

    Before i brought my Extreme Q i spent hours reading reviews all over the internet.
    It was those reviews that made me purchase this product.

    Well all those reviews were spot on, just like all the reviews above they are all saying good positive things about this vaporiser.
    I love to fill the metal screen in the top glass elbow and turn it onto 3 and the vapor just pours out, fantastic.

    I just breathe in the mouthpiece until it stops.
    Or even if friends come over we can make some balloons or share the hose.
    This vape just keeps on going and i love it.

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  10. Brooke

    This devise is easy and fast to use. I prefer to use the bags as they are very smooth yet potent. It also is great for economy, doesn’t take much herb to get great results. I never fill it, most of the time just a 1/4 packed (loosely too). If vapes get better than this I would be surprised, I am extremely happy with it and would gladly recommend. Double thumbs up!!!

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  11. Jimmy

    I bought one mainly for health reasons and I haven’t looked back, this ticks all the boxes and how I wish I had one back in my rugby league and mountain biking days. Vapefuse were excellent to deal with and would happily recommend them to my friends and family.

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  12. Wayne-o

    This is a reasonably good desktop Vape. It’s a bit fiddly with the way it heats herb and the glass bits make me nervous, but it’s still a good unit. My Vapir Rise 2.0 died and I miss my old vape. Apparently the manufacturer is out of stock. “Fish gotta swim, bird’s gotta eat” and so I had to get something.

    My trusty Vapir was easier to use and more set and forget. Lights going on and then off when the sweet stuff was ready to inhale and temp setting was chamber setting and not heater setting. Also it had no glass bits to break when you are not as focused as you could be.

    If I’d not had the Vapir then I’d probably be more impressed by this unit, but the Vapir Rise 2.0 was a better unit IMHO.

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  13. cuzchris

    Super fast shipping excellent service and an awesome product what more can I say I’ve had my arizer extreme q for couple of months and I can’t live without it now everything works perfectly and I really appreciate the after sales service.

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  14. Dan

    I have been using the Arizer Extreme Q for roughly 9 months now and so far, it has maintained it’s reputation as the best all-round vaporization unit.

    I use the bag, whip (particularly effective through a water pipe) and aromatherapy functions, all of which work flawlessly. The stock glassware (cyclone bowl, elbow joint) is practical, but is particularly fragile after being heated. I replaced mine with an 18 F/F adapter and a Da Buddha Vape wand with great results.

    What I REALLY like about this unit is that it is so versatile, whether bag, whip or aroma, the EQ allows for an easy and relaxing vaporizer experience. The digital temperature control (50-260 C) allows complete and accurate vaporization for certain compounds, which is exciting for those more scientific types.

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  15. Dan

    I dropped my last one on the floor and needed to replace it, quite quickly I may add as it is used almost every day.

    This is a great kit, good value for money in terms of what you get and I was beyond happy that I had a spare balloon locked away when I accidentally burnt a hole in my other one when i rested it near a candle!!

    Remote is handy although it would be helpful to know which way to put the battery back in as I opened it up and when I closed it the battery and backing got lodged halfway and I can not close it completely.

    But overall I’m very happy and when this one dies I’ll happily buy another upgraded one.

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