Portable Vapes vs. Desktop Vapes: Vaping 101

Looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping? You are going to need to choose between a portable or desktop vape! Let me help with that….

We love how many Aussie herb enthusiasts are making the switch from combusting their herb to consuming tasty vapor.

Vaporizers and vaping are still relatively new concepts to most, but even a monkey could tell you that inhaling smoke is bad news!

Portable vapes are the most common type of vaporizer on the market today. They allow you to take your session on-the-go and are a very user-friendly way to consume your vapor.

Desktop vaporizers have a power cord, meaning they can’t be transported too far, but they are usually a lot more powerful than their portable counterparts.

Learn about some of our best portable and desktop vapes in the video below!

Not much of a video person? Why not check out the transcription below!

Good day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here, back again with another Intro to Vaping Video, part of our Herb Vaping 101 Web Series for the VapeFuse Australia Online Store.

Now, in our first few videos of the series, I’ve been breaking down what vaporizers are and in the last post, I talked about the difference between the dry herb, liquid, and oil vaporizers.

So, in this post, we’re going to be looking at the difference between portable and desktop types and why you should invest in either model.

So, portable vaporizers, pictured left here, I’ve got the Arizer ArGo and the Storz and Bickel Crafty, they are of course, portable!

Arizer ArGo Portable VaporizerYou can charge them, you’ve got batteries that are inbuilt, so you can put them in your pocket, take them out and have sessions outdoors with these desktop vaporizers, you’re a bit more restricted.

Here we’ve got the Volcano Digit and the Arizer Extreme Q, these are our two best-selling desktop vapes and both of them as you can see, have cords affixed to the back.

Arizer Extreme Q vs Volcano Digit Vaporizer with balloonsYou can’t really get too far of them even with an extension cord.

You may be, you can get back to the down the back of your property or something like that, but that’s about as far as you can take them.

Obviously, portables being a lot more portable, for many people they are a lot more preferable.

If you’re a person that leads an active lifestyle likes to get out a little bit more, you’re probably gonna end up picking up a portable vape, but we do recommend sort of having a decent portable vape and a good desktop vaporizer, as it’s a lot more easy to vape with a desktop.

When you were with the portable vape, you’ve got a packed herb into it, so the bottom of the chamber usually you gotta turn the thing on and heat it up and then you constantly sort of having your vapor directly from the device itself, so it doesn’t have anywhere near as much of the cooling power as a Volcano or the Arizer vape.

With the Volcano, it’s blasting all of the vapor into a collection bag, so you’re enjoying it through bags, the vape is gonna be a lot more cooled down which for some people with problems with their lungs, they can be a lot more favorable.

The Arizer Extreme Q, as I said, has a balloon function as well, it also has this long whip.

With that, you can enjoy your vapor and it’s sitting a whole meter away from the vapor path where it’s being generated.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer with whip

Although these portable vapes don’t necessarily blow hot vapor, I do find it a lot more pleasant to be toking on a desktop device.

Portable devices don’t have them there, they’re extremely discreet.

If you’re a person that’s trying to keep their vaping habits, sort of out of the public eye, having a portable vape that you can slip in and out of your pocket and use discreetly at your will, is definitely a plus.

Which one’s for you are you looking for a portable vape or a desktop vape?

If you’re finding a little bit difficult to come to a decision on which vape to invest in, feel free to drop us a line at any time, via our website or social media and we’ll be able to help you out.

Thanks guys.

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