The New and Updated ALD Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporizer

The ALD Amaze WOW has been one of the most popular entry-level vaporizers on the market due to its simple operation and reliability.

After being on the market for a few years, ALD has recently updated the popular WOW and released the brand new Version 2.

We have been playing with the updated version and below is a summary of what’s new and better on the new ALD Amaze WOW V2.
The box has gone through a design update, although I found the old box just as nice as the new one.

ALD Amaze WOW original and V2

The new box has a slide on sleeve and it is a little bit smaller in size.

Moving onto the device, the most obvious change as you are looking at the front of both is that the control buttons have been moved from above the screen to below the screen.

ALD Amaze WOW original and V2 front

This has most likely been done to accommodate the new airflow path in V2. The Original ALD Amaze WOW had the air intake via side grills while in the V2, there is now a dedicated air path with an air intake at the bottom of the device.

This new dedicated air path has improved the flavour of the vapor slightly and even more noticeably, improved air flow through the vaporizer.

With the dosing cart in the chamber, the previous version had almost too much resistance and it was a little hard to draw. With V2 the airflow is much improved, and it is quite easy to draw even with the dosing capsule in the chamber.

Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier with V1 side view

As you can see above the new V2 has no grills on the side of the vaporizer, and if you look at the bottom, you’ll see that the air intake has been moved there while the magnetic charging dock on the bottom has been removed.

The magnetic charging dock was cool, however as soon as you lost your cable, it turned into a nightmare.

With proprietary charging cables, it really sucks if you lose them or they break as you can’t charge your device until you get a new one.Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier with V1 bottom view

By far the biggest issue with the original ALD Amaze WOW was this exact challenge, the charging cable. Cables lost or broken have to be sourced while if it was a 5 pin micro USB charging port like most vapes come with these days, you wouldn’t have this problem.

You could just use any 5 pin micro USB cables laying around in your house as they are used for everything these days. Things like Samsung phones charge with these cables.

ALD has obviously noted the challenge as they introduced a 5 pin micro USB charging port to the new WOW V2.

If you flip that little hatch on the bottom, you’ll see the new air intake hole as well as the charging port underneath.

Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier with V1 charging dock
This is a great update that I was quite pleased to see on this new version.

Below you can see side by side the old magnetic charging cable and the new 5 pin USB charging cable that comes in the box with the V2 devices.

Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier charging cables
Next area that has been updated is the digital display. The old version used to display the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit at all times.

This wasn’t necessary as most of us used to one or the other and you nearly never need to see the other one.

Now, with the new Version 2 you can choose if you’d like the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit and you only see one of them.

Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier with V1 screens on

I definitely prefer the new simplified screen, it looks cleaner and makes it even easier to operate the WOW. You only see the set and actual temperature, your session timer and the battery level indicator.

I kind of liked the ‘puff counter’ that showed you how many puffs you had on the device, however it was more of an interesting feature than anything else.

Another change introduced to the new ALD Amaze WOW is the vibration function. Now the WOW V2 vibrates every time it reaches the set temperature and when it auto turns off at the end of your session.

This is a pretty common feature in herbal vaporizers, the new X Max Starry V3 that was recently released also comes with haptic feedback added.

I welcome the vibration function as it is easy to turn the vaporizer on and then forget all about it unless it vibrates to let you know it is good to go. I believe most of us have done that.

Finally, a small change to mention is the update of the user manual. Just like the box, it got a little bit of a design update as you can see below.

Apart from the above list, the V2 is very similar to the original WOW, with its ceramic heating chamber, clip-on mouthpiece and so on.

Ald Amaze WOW V2 Portable Vaporzier with V1 chambers
Overall, I like most updates to the Version 2 of the ALD Amaze WOW with the dedicated air path, vibration function and new 5 pin USB charging port being the biggest updates.

The update to the display screen is good, however, I miss the puffer counter as I said and I also think that they left a bit of empty space on the screen that might have been better utilized.

Having said that, the new updated version is surely better all-around and provides an even better option for anyone looking for an awesome entry-level portable herbal vaporizer.

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