Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I switch on the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer?

A: First, move the 0-1 switch to “1” and slowly push the piezo button forward.

Q: How can I switch the Iolite Original Vaporizer off?

A: You can turn the vape off by switching the ON/OFF button at the side of the device to 0.

Q: What kind of gas can I fill my Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer with?

A: Recommended to fill your Iolite with commercially available, high-quality butane cigarette lighter gas.

Q: Should the switch be at 0 or 1 when filling the vaporizer with gas?

A: Make sure the 0-1 switch is at position 0 on your Iolite vaporizer when filling it with gas.

Q: Can you please clarify which button is the on?

A: There is an ON/OFF button located at the side of the Iolite Original. The unit is turned on when the ON/OFF button is set to 1, when it is set to 0, the vaporizer is turned off.

Q: How can I access and load the chamber of the Iolite Original Vaporizer?

A: Gently pull the mouthpiece upwards and insert your ground herb materials onto the mesh, making sure not to overpack the chamber.

Q: Can I place my Iolite Original into its case straight away after use?

A: After switching the Iolite Original off, it can take about 3 minutes to dispel all residual gas. So it is recommended to allow some time for the unit to cool down before you put the vaporizer away.

Q: How long does a fully filled chamber last?

A: It depends on the quality of your herb blend, however it should last for about 15 minutes vaping.

Q: Can I use the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer for concentrates and oils?

A: The Iolite Original is a dry herb vaporizer only.

Q: How long a one fill butane last for?

A: It really comes down to your vaporizing habits, however it can last for about 2 hours or so.

Q: What is the Iolite Original made of?

A: The Iolite Original portable vaporizer is made of ultem, which is a very high grade, strong, quality plastic. It is also odourless and tasteless.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer?

A: The Iolite Original is 110mm x 65mm (without the mouthpiece) and 87 grams.

Q: Where is the butane gas filling port of the Iolite Original?

A: The filling port is located right at the top of the vaporizer, next to the mouthpiece.

Q: What are the available colours for the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer?

A: The Iolite Original portable vaporizer comes in 8 colours, Blue, Purple, Green, White, Orange, Yellow, Black and Red.

Q: What are those small white rubber parts in the Iolite kit for?

A: Those rubber pieces are part of the mouthpiece. Put the plastic mouthpiece and the rubber bit together before you start vaping.

Iolite Original Red

Q: Where are the Iolite Vaporizers manufactured?

A: The Iolite Butane Portable Vaporizers are made in Ireland by Oglesby & Butler.

Q: Does the Iolite Original Vaporizer come with a charger?

A: No, the Iolite Vaporizers work with butane gas.

Q: Can you tell me how to check how much butane left in my Iolite Original?

A: There is no butane level indicator on the vaporizer, so it is best to count your vaporizing sessions to keep track of where you are up to with the gas level of your device.

Q: What’s in the box?

A: Here’s a video showing what’s included in the Iolite Original Package:

Q: How do I know that my Iolite Original Vape is heating?

A: The gas flow changes to a mild ‘roar’, indicating the catalytic heater is activated and heating.

Q: What does the orange light indicate on my Iolite Original Vaporizer?

A: The orange light indicates your vaporizer is heating up.

Q: What does that mean when the orange light goes off on the device?

A: It means the Iolite Portable Vaporizer reached the optimal temperature.

Iolite Original Black

Q: There is a noise on -off while I’m using my Iolite Original Vaporizer, is that okay?

A: Yes, it is perfectly normal, the thermostat cuts in and out, indicating the temperature change in the device.

Q: How long does it take to reach the optimal temperature on the Iolite Original Vaporizer?

A: For the Iolite Original to reach its optimal temperature takes about 45 – 60 seconds.

Q: What’s the optimal temperature level on the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer?

A: The Iolite Original Vaporizer comes with one controlled optimal temperature of 190°C / 374°F.

Q: Do you carry any cases for the Iolite Original Vape?

A: For your convenience, there is a case included in the Iolite Original Vaporizer kit.

Iolite Original Black Kit

Q: Do I need to clean the Iolite Original Portable Vaporizer at all?

A: Yes, for better airflow and more enjoyable vaping experience it is best to keep your vaporizer in great shape, which means cleaning your chamber, mouthpiece and mesh regularly.

Mesh Screen: Remove it from the chamber and soak it in warm water.
Mouthpiece: Unscrew the mouthpiece from the filling chamber and remove the moisture condenser. Clean the mouthpiece with the pipe cleaner.
Chamber: Using a toothpick, remove any debris from the herb chamber.

Iolite Original Black- Kit

Q: How can I remove the moisture condenser from the Iolite?

A: There is a hand tool supplied in the kit to remove the moisture condenser, just gently press it through the filling chamber.

Q: Does the Iolite Original Vape come with warranty?

A: Yes there is 2 year warranty with this vaporizer.

Q: I tried to switch my Iolite Original on, however it seems like the device is not heating. Any troubleshooting?

A: If piezo fails for the first time, then try it again within 5 seconds. If still no luck, please fill in the Warranty Form and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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