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Why you should invest in a top quality vaporizer

When you’re just starting your experience with vaping the price of a high quality vaporizer can seem overwhelming, expensive, and may leave you questioning if they are even worth the extra money…

This page will hopefully help answer your questions regarding if it’s worth investing in a quality vaporizer or simply buying one on a budget.

The Benefits Of Investing In A High-Quality Vaporizer

Here are the reasons you can consider this a wise, long-term investment versus an everyday purchase.

Top quality vaporizers come with:

Feature Benefit
The best warranties for the machine and usually heating devices              Improve its lifetime value
 A better range of accessories  Improve your experience and versatility of use
 Better start-up kits   Get you working your machine faster and less guess work
 Easier to clean and maintain  The parts are made of quality materials and designed to be easy to remove and clean
 Accessories and parts more readily available  So you don’t need to waste time hunting for replacements or spares
 Exceptional taste, vapor, and aroma   More enjoyable overall experience
 Allows for stronger and more adequate herbal vaping for medicinal purposes  Improve your comfort and lifestyle
 Food grade materials used for production  Best for your health and wellbeing

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What Happens When You Buy A Low-Quality Vaporizer

Just like any cheap inferior product on the market, especially when shopping online there are risks and disappointments.

The below list outlines the common risks and problems you will face when choosing a budget vaporizer from a unreputable online retailer:

Risk Outcome
 Usually, no or limited warranties on the machine   If something is faulty you have no protection
 No warranties for parts  You will have to replace it more often
 Harder to clean  It will deteriorate easily
 Poor heating elements  Not a great experience when using it
 Poor whips or balloons   Not airtight, so you lose a lot of vapor.
 Usually, comes with no accessories or very limited when offered   Limits the versatility of your experience
 Parts and accessories are impossible to come by  If broken you will be required to buy a complete replacement
 Poor vapor, flavour, and aroma  Overall poor experience
 Temperature controls are usually very limited  Makes it difficult to achieve medicinal temperatures or effects

What Brands Carry Trusted Vaporizer Models?

VapeFuse is dedicated to acquiring the absolute best models available in the industry today. High quality brands such as Arizer, Volcano, and Vapir. Arizer and Vapir are considered some of the most versatile of all brands, by offering their consumers both whip and balloon mouthpieces. The Arizer Extreme Q and the Vapir Rise 2.0 are very versatile models, with each devices being capable of vaporizing both dry herbs and aroma oils.

Like the Arizer Solo II, the Volcano, and Vapir lines have also branched off, creating an even wider range of excellent portable vaporizers such as Mighty offered by Volcano and Oxigen offered by Vapir.

Vapir Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer

What About Brands Are Known For Specifically Vaping On The Go?

When looking for portable models, be sure to check out other reliable, high-quality vaporizer brands such as CloudV, with their Terra and Phantom models. Also investigate the stunning portable vaporizers Iolite has to offer, like their original and WISPR 2 models.

The Veracity Is I The Vapor

Fellow vape enthusiasts will tell you their stories of trial and error, by purchasing a low-quality vaporizer first. When you decide to start off with a cheaper, poor ability, lesser known brands or models you usually end up paying more. This is because when these cheaper systems break there is usually no warranty and parts are incredibly rare to come by, virtually making your machine garbage. When you pick a trusted, well-known popular brand you guaranteed amazing warranties, a wide range of accessories, plus affordable replacement parts that are readily available.

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