Hydrology9 Vaporizer with a Built in Water Bubbler by Cloudious9

The Hydrology9 is a unique high end portable herbal vaporizer that is literally built into a water bubbler.

Hydrology9 Portable Herbal Vaporizer by Clodious9

Water bubblers work perfectly well with portable vaporizers. Driving your vapor through water not only cleans it from any herb particles, but it also cools it down.

Water bubblers are in high demand for portable vapes for this reason and no wonder someone thought of building a vape into a water bubbler.


Water and sensitive electrical equipment are not the best friends. If anyone decides to mix them, they better know what they are doing.

Cloudious9 has put in a massive effort to plan this vaporizer out to the last details and the result is a well-designed vape that produces incredible quality vapor.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 is very modular, you can pull it apart to quite a few pieces just with your hands without having to use any tools.

Hydrology9 Portable herbal vaporzier pulled apart

Let’s go through these bits first and then I share with you how the vape works.

On the top, you have a magnetic mouthpiece cover that stops any dust getting into your vape when you are not using it.

Lifting this top cover off exposes the borosilicate glass mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece is removable from the anti-leak liquid valve.

The body of the vaporiser is made out of a rust-resistant spacecraft grade aluminium alloy. The side wall of the bubbler is also borosilicate glass.

The bottom part houses the inbuilt battery and all the electrical chips and parts.

The unique ceramic chamber is at the bottom of the vaporizer as you can see in the picture below.

Hydrology9 Portable Herbal Vaporizer Chamber

The bottom screw on chamber cover is on the right of the picture. The “U” shaped wire looking thing is a very functional built-in stirring tool.

When you screw the bottom chamber cover back on, that “U” shaped wire goes into your chamber. There is a handle on the bottom that you can turn any time during your session to mix up your herbs.

It actually does work well and you can expect increased vapor production after you stir your herbs a bit.

How to Use the Hydrology9 Portable Vaporizer

The first step is to unscrew the bottom chamber cover and fill your chamber with ground herbs.

Don’t pack the chamber too tight. Remember that the stirring wire will push into your chamber as well, so don’t pack it more than about 3/4 full.

Once you are happy with your packed chamber, screw the bottom chamber cover back on.

Next step is to turn your Hydrology9 back upwards and remove the borosilicate glass mouthpiece together with the leak resistant top cover.

At this point, you’ll be looking at the top opening of the bubbler, that looks like this.
Hydrology9 Vaporizer with Anti-leak tp cover off

Grab some filtered water and fill up your bubbler gently, trying not to spill it on the vape. For the best operation of the bubbler don’t fill it up more than about 70% of its capacity.

Hydrology9 Vaporzier - adding water to the bubbler

Put the top cover with the mouthpiece back on the top and turn it clockwise to tighten a little but not too much.

Next step is to turn on the Hydrology9.

You can turn it on by pressing the white circular operational button 3 times in a sequence.

When your vape turns on you can toggle between the 5 available temperature settings by single pressing the operational button.

As you are toggling through the temperature settings, you’ll notice that every press of the button changes the light of the flashing LED, indicating the different temperature settings.

Here are the colours for the different levels starting from lowest to highest. Cloudius9 does not tell the exact temperature to the degree.

Blue – Lowest temperature setting.

Yellow – Next level up.

Orange – Middle temperature.

Purple – Second highest temperature.

Red – Highest temperature.

We recommend starting on the blue setting, the lowest temperature, so toggle with the button until the LED is flashing blue.

Once the vaporizer reaches the temperature level, the LED becomes solid green.

At this point, you are ready to start vaping.

Hydrology9 vaporizer in session

Have a 5 to 10 seconds break between hits to allow for the chamber to heat back up.

The vaporizer maintains the temperature in the chamber for 120 seconds (2 minutes) then enters into standby mode. To indicate standby mode, the LED changes from steady green to blue.

To heat the chamber back up, simply press the operational button once.

After every few draws, you can twist the bottom inbuilt stirring tool a little bit to move the herbs around in the chamber and ensure even vaporization of your herbs.

After a few draws on the blue temperature level, you can press and hold the operational button to pop it up to yellow, the next temperature level and take some hits on that too.

Keep increasing the temperature level as you are progressing through your session.

The Hydrology9 will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. If you’d like to turn it off before that, you can simply press the button 3 times in a sequence.

After the device turned off, you can press and hold the operational button for 3 seconds or so to check your battery charge level.

If the LED turns green the battery is full, blue is about half charged and red indicates low battery.

At that point, it is time to charge your Hydrology9.

Cloudius9 includes a long and short USB charging cable, so pick the one that suits you and plug it in.
The LED will flash red 3 times as you plug the vape in for charing, then it turns to solid red to indicate charging.

Hydrology9 vaporizer on the charger

Once the battery is full, the LED changes to solid green.

If you press and hold the button for 3 seconds while the unit is powered off, it will show you the battery life.

However, if you press and hold the button while the device is on, a completely different thing happens.

When the Hydrology9 is powered on but not in operation and if you press and hold the button for 3 seconds, it will enter into LED light rotation mode. The device rotates between the solid LED colours.

If you press and hold the button for 3 seconds while the device is on and in operation, (while it is heating up for example) the device enters into LED flashing mode. In this mode, the LED light is flashing as opposed to the solid LED rotation I explained above.

Both of these modes are visual features only and you can switch them off the same way you switched them on. By pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds or so.

That’s it in terms of operating the device. Quite simple once you get used to the LED colour codes.

Maintaining the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Maintaining the Hydrology9 is made possible by the modular nature of the vape as well as the supplied tools that come with the vaporizer.

Hydrology9 Vaporizer inclusions in the box

The residue pick tool on the right becomes very handy when cleaning off herb particles and residues of the air duct cover and stirring tool.

The glass body also needs to be cleaned every once in a while. When you pull it apart make sure you place the silicone seal back on the top before you put your Hydrology9 back together.

Hydrology9 Silicone seal of the bubbler


The Hydrology9 is a very well built vaporizer that functions beautifully. Produces smooth, clean and tasty vapor. The vapor quality is right up there with any other high-end vaporizer and the water bubbler really makes it stylish and cool.

The built-in stirring tool does a great job in terms of making sure your herbs are baked and vaporized evenly. No hot spots or charring in the chamber, great job all around.

The only thing that we can mention on the downside is that the chamber on the bottom takes a little more ‘effort’ to load than some other vaporizers with top loading chambers. You do have to keep turning it around and twisting the bottom chamber cover on and off. Not a huge deal, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Overall the Hydrology9 is a very capable high-end vape that we recommend to anyone who loves quality vapor and enjoys a unique and refreshing vaporizing experience.

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