How to use your Extreme Q with essential oils for Aromatherapy


Hello, this is Nora from, and in this short video I’ll show you how I use the Extreme Q with essential oils for aromatherapy.


The Extreme Q is a super versatile vaporizer and I really like that about it.

I am not an aromatherapist, however, I have been using the Extreme Q for similar purposes. For example last week I had a pretty bad cold and felt run down, so I wanted to ease the symptoms.

What I did was put the potpourri dish on the Extreme Q and added some decorative rocks into the dish. I then used some eucalyptus essential oil, about 5 drops or so. There is actually a hole at the bottom of the dish so if you over do it, the oil will go into the device which is really not good. Anyways, so you really only need a few drops to wet the surface of the rocks.

Next I set the device to about 100 or so celsius. I then let it heat up before switching on the fan to 1. It has 3 fan speeds but I just use the lowest to fill the room up with the eucalyptus aroma.

For those who don’t know Eucalyptus is used in many products and you can even get tissues infused with Eucalyptus to help relieve colds, so filling the room with the vapor is a great way to enjoy the benefits of this plant.

You can of course use any of your favourite essential oils the same way. I sometime use lavender as well, which creates a relaxing aroma.

I love the Extreme Q for many reasons and this feature certainly makes it a great vaporizer for anyone who enjoys the natural benefits of aromatherapy.

Thank you for watching!

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