How to use the Storz and Bickel Mighty Portable Vaporizer


Hi Guys, Michelle here from Today I’m going to run through how to set up and use your Mighty by StorzBickel.


Now this is a very high-quality German-engineered, made vaporiser.

It’s top of the range, top quality and very easy to use thanks to its high-tech design.

So let’s take a moment now to look what you get in the box.

The Mighty vaporiser unit will come in a box, a power adapter, a herb mill, a filling aid, one cleaning brush, liquid pad, 3 piece spare screens and one set of spare O rings.

To access the herb chamber, just simply twist the cooling unit counterclockwise and you’ll have it right there.

Fortunately, Storz & Bickel include a grinder with all their vaporisers, so you can use that to grind your herbs, which is pretty cool.

What is even better is they also include a filling aid, which makes it super easy to fill your herb chamber without making any mess. How smart is that?

Once your chamber is filled, you just put the cooling unit with the mouthpiece back on and you’re good to go.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

Next, you simply press the button on the side of the unit and hold it down for a second or two. And set your desired temperature using the vaporizer’s awesome digital display. 

The unit heats up very quickly, in about 90 seconds or so. 

Once it has reached the set temperature the vape will vibrate, letting you know that it is time to vaporize.

And that’s really it, you’re ready to go.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

With a full charge of battery, you get about ninety minutes of actual vaporizing time, which is very good.

The unit also shuts off after about 60 seconds of inactivity and will let you know when it does by vibrating again. If it happens to auto shut off while you’re still in a session, simply press the on button again and hold it down for two seconds.  

When you need to charge your battery just pop it on charge for about two hours to charge it back fully.

This extremely high-quality German made portable vaporizer sets high standards and produces vapor just like any good desktop vaporizer would.

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

And that’s it really, that wraps up the Mighty portable vape.

We really do love the Mighty at VapeFuse and if you haven’t got one yet why not check it out at

It’s Michelle from VapeFuse, thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you next time at

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