How to Use the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer


Hey guys, Michelle here from and today I’m going to go through how to set up and use your Arizer Air.


So, the Arizer Air is a really awesome device for vaping on the go. It is a dry herb vape, so not for liquids or any type of substances.

And if you use it, it uses a conduction method to heat your herbs.

It has a cool compact design, it’s almost 12 centimeters in height, about the same size as a Coke can and 2.8 centimeters in diameter.

It’s proven to be a very popular choice amongst portable users and it’s really simple to use and operate.

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

But, before I get in to have it set up and get started, let’s take a look what you get in the box:

  • You get two glass diffuser stems one long and one short
  • One glass of aroma dish if you want to use potpourri
  • One chic carrying case
  • One clear protective silicone skin
  • One power adapter
  • One stainless stirring and packing tool
  • and a couple of stem caps

Before getting ready to use your vape for the first time, make sure it has been fully charged.

It comes with a rechargeable battery which is pretty cool because then you can remove it and replace it whenever you want. This battery when fully charged will give you about one hour of vaping.

When you plug it into the charger, the light will start flashing green and once it’s fully charged the LED light will turn a solid green.

Now, pack some of your herbs into the glass stem chamber, don’t do it too tight, because it will restrict the air flow and when you are ready you can insert into the hand base. Use a little bit of pressure because it is a pretty tight stem.

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

To start the device, just press the center of the button and hold it down for three seconds or so till the light comes on.

You then use the Up and Down arrows to select the heating temperature.

It has a cool heating function on this device, it helps to keep control of your heat settings but indicating what the temperature is by using color.

The Air actually offers five different temperatures settings and each has its own unique color.

For example:.

  • You have a 180 degrees which just comes out BLUE.
  • 190 degrees which is WHITE
  • 200 degrees which is GREEN
  • 205 degrees which is ORANGE
  • And lastly 210 which is RED.

Now, the heat up time ranges between 60 seconds to 1 minute and 50 seconds, depending on the setting that you choose.

When you set your temperature you will see the BLUE LED light blink while it’s heating up, when it is heated the light will go a solid blue and you’re ready to use it.

If the device cools down during use, the light may blink again while it starts to heat up and get back to the same temperature you set it to.

Arizer AIr Portable Vaporizer

Now, just like the Solo, the up and down arrows have another function. After turning the unit on, if you press the down arrow and hold it for a couple of seconds it recalls your previously used temperature.

So you don’t have to set again and again each time you switch it on. Then if you do the same with the up arrow, press it and hold it for a couple of seconds, the beeping sound will be turned off or if you wanna back on again you just repeat the process.

Like many portable devices, this too has a safety feature which auto shuts off after 10 minutes. This means you’ll get a roughly about 6-10 minute sessions per battery life.

Also, don’t forget you have the ability to change the battery while you’re on the go, you can purchase additional batteries, so you always have a backup with you.

Arizer AIr Battery with Portable Vaporizer

You can now even purchase an optional extra charger, that charges two batteries at a time. You can also use the vaporizer while it’s on charge, which is a pretty cool function.

I hope you enjoyed this video and are now ready to start using your Air.

But that’s it from me guys and I’ll see you again in the next video.

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