How to Fill Up a Vaporizer Water Bubbler

Water bubblers have become one of the most popular accessories for vaporizers and we keep getting a lot of questions about them.

FocusVape Pro Bubbler Water

One of the most common questions we get from our VapeFuse customers who just received their bubbler is “How do you fill this thing up?”.

For example, Colin from the Gold Coast sent us the below picture and the following question after he received his FocusVape bubbler:

Is this where the water level is supposed to be? As this is as high as I can get the water level and it doesn’t work.

FocusVape Pro Bubbler Water Level

The water level definitely should be higher than that what Col is showing above, more like this one below:

FocusVape Pro Bubbler Correct Water Level

Lot more water in that one, right?
How do you get it in there?
Well, the easiest way to demonstrate that is to show you, so have a look at the below video:

Matt is demonstrating the process with a FocusVape Pro aqua bubbler, however, it is pretty much the same for most vaporizer bubblers on the market.

Before you even think about filling up your bubbler, you have to make sure you have some filtered water at hand to use.

Chlorine or Chloramine is used to sanitize most government water supply these days and you don’t want to inhale those nasties.

Another solution could be some kind of a natural solution, specifically made for water bubblers and water pipes, such as Piece Water.

We would strongly discourage you from using tap water simply due to the very likely possibility of introducing contaminants to your vapor from the town water.

Once you have your water sorted, the first step is to turn your bubbler around.

You fill the water into the bottom of the bubbler and let it run into the inside.

Once the water from the bottom made its way into the inside and starts to flow out through the mouthpiece, turn it around.

As soon as you turned it around, draw air through it as if you were actually using it.

By drawing on the bubbler at this point will keep the water in your bubbler and you are good to go.

If you look at the picture from Colin again, the issue there was that he didn’t draw on it after adding water through the bottom and turning it back.

In that case, the water just runs out and you end up with just a little water in your bubbler like Colin.

When you want to change the water in your bubbler, simply place your bubbler above a sink or bowl and blow into the mouthpiece.

The water runs out through the bottom and you can fill it up again.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions or any experience with a bubbler to share, please leave us a comment below.

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