Is Herbal Vaporizing Becoming More and More Popular in Australia?

While Australia is getting tougher on vaping, and e-cigarettes are effectively banned, herbal vaporizing is becoming more and more popular among Aussies.

As opposed to e-cigarettes, that work with liquids, herbal vaporizers work with simple ground herbs.

Liquid vaporizers can be used to vaporize nicotine and therefore get addicted to it, while herbal vapes only use commonly available herbs, such as chamomile or damiana.

Matt has created a video for our Vaping 101 Video Series, specifically comparing liquid, oil and herbal vaping, if you are interested you can check that out here.

Herbal Vaporizing in Australia

Herbal vaporizers heat ground herbs to around 200 degrees Celsius and at that temperature, the vapor is produced from the plant material, that can be inhaled.

The herbs don’t combust at such a temperature, only release vapor with their active compounds.

If you drink mint tea to stay alert and to avoid headaches, for example, vaporizing ground organic mint leaves would deliver the same effect as the tea, just a little bit quicker.

The growing interest in ‘eastern medicine’ and wholesome herbal medication, in general, has contributed to the growing interest in herbal vaporizers. Traditionally a lot of these herbs were consumed in a tea form, however vaporizing can be more practical and a quicker form of delivery.

herbs ready to be vaporized

Quicker in a way that the active compounds are absorbed through the lungs a lot faster than they so through the digestive system when consumed as a tea.

Another big boost to the popularity of herbal vaporizing is the rise of medical cannabis in Australia and around the world.

Many doctors and health professionals suggest patients vaporization as a delivery method for their medical cannabis. We have interviewed Lindsey Carter, the very first medical cannabis patient in Australia who was also recommended to vaporize his herbal medicine by his doctors overseas and in Australia.

Lyndsay Carter with his Mighty Vaporizer
With the ever-growing popularity of different herbs for wellness, the interest in herbal vaporizers is also on the rise.

We have attended expos in Sydney and Melbourne with VapeFuse and the curiosity about vaporizers was simply overwhelming.

Quite literally, as our 4 members crew was bearly able to speak by the end of the day after chatting with over 1000 of interested attendees.

The interest in vaping in general, how they work and so on blew us away. People in their early 20’s to late 80’s from all types of background were showing interest in vaping.

VapeFuse at an Expo
From senior executives to the tradies and uni students, every group of people was coming to our booth checking out vapes and asking questions.

These events had inspired us to create the Vaping 101 video series that goes through the basics of vaping.

The idea of being able to consume herbs without combustion (and the toxins that are associated with combustion) is very appealing to many people and we often speak to visitors on our blog who use herbal vapes to vaporize ground tobacco to help quit smoking.

I don’t think tobacco is a very nice tasting plant to vaporize and probably nobody would do it unless they are smoking already.

The argument against e-cigarettes is that they are cool and fun to use and young kids can get addicted to nicotine by using them. Fair enough, this is surely not a problem with herbal vapes as vaping tobacco can really be ‘tolerated’ if you are smoking already and determined to quit.

One final contributor to the reason herbal vapes are getting more popular is that the products are quickly developing. There are hundreds of different vaporizers on the market and there is one to suit most if not all needs.

Initially, there were only desktop vaporizers for years and portable devices were still pretty bulky to start with.

These days there is a vape for everyone. All sizes and shapes depending on your needs.
We have tested just about 100 different vaporizers here at VapeFuse and new ones keep coming out.

Lots of vaporizers
Herbal vaporizers are becoming household items in Australia and their popularity will most likely grow as herbal medicine and medical cannabis is becoming more accepted and commonly used in the country.

If you have any questions about herbal vaping or any comments to add, please do not hesitate to post a comment below.

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