Haze Dual Portable Vaporizer Product Introduction


Hey Guys, I’m Michelle from VapeFuse.com and today I’m going to introduce you to Haze Technologies Vaporizer.


Haze Technologies only have one product in the family which is the official Haze Vaporizer and it’s a portable device. This means they basically focused all their energies into bringing us one portable product. And after this video, I hope you are going to understand why exactly they’ve done this.

Haze Technologies Dual Chamber Portable Device

Firstly, it comes with dual chambers which are pretty unique, as you can see in there, now it means you can have two different materials in it at once, and able to switch between the two anytime you wish. You can choose to use the dry herb, oils or wax and one different chamber which is really cool as well.

Now, it even gives you the choice of conduction or convection methods of vaping which is super cool and unique. As you know, both have different benefits so it’s great to have both options all in one device.

Now, the design itself is pretty cool and it is based on a flask. If you can see here, and it gives you a discrete element about it, pretty much like a flask it fits into your pocket, comes in an out easily. You can even imagine it looks like you are taking a sip from it. But I’m not sure if that’s really good look at in public but who knows.

Haze Portable at the Beach

It is a small device altogether and it fits very comfortably into your hand. It actually feels pretty good to hold this so I really like this device myself.

But how about now, we take a look at all its high-tech features and really where they focused their energies.

As I’ve mentioned before, it comes with 2 changeable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries which last a long time. And if you are running out of power, you can just switch batteries while you’re still on the go.

It has a LED temperature setting display and low battery indicator which is created to monitor the settings.

There are 4 different temperature settings and the LED indicators tell you what setting you are at any time.

To ensure the battery is saved or you just don’t let it burn out and die, the device has an automatic shutdown mechanism after 5 minutes. Another unique feature is it has a heat exchanger. Because of its compact design, the mechanism needs to cool down the vapor in the device before it reaches your lips, giving you a still great sensation.

Haze Technologies Dual Chamber Portable Device

And finally, the Haze vaporizers are built from rock solid stainless steel and has a glass pipe or stainless steel pipe to choose from. AND just before I go, I have to mention, it also comes in a great set of colors which you can choose from and really pick one to suit your style best.

And that wraps up the Haze portable vape. If you love it, why not check it out on Vapefuse.com.

But that’s it from me, Michelle at Vapefuse.

Thank you so much for watching and we will see you again next time.

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