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Adding Flavour to Your Vaping Experience

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Herbs have been used for a long time as a flavour addition to their smoking experience. Now that we have the healthier technology to use the vapor instead of the smoke, vaping has become a whole new way of using herb.

Should you be vaping so as not to smoke tobacco, or just for the fun of it, adding flavour helps make it even more intense and enjoyable.

Certain herbs can add particular flavours that might just add another dimension to your vaping experience.

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Using Herbs to Add Flavor


Green Tea

Green Tea has long been used in Chinese Medicine for various methods, and for more than just drinking tea. The tea flavour also brings different soothing benefits such as calming effects, helps with depression as well as aches.



Known mostly for its use for beers, hops is also a great source for adding flavour when vaping. It has a mix of different scents and tastes that can be described as floral yet woodsy, even spicy.



Lavender is a well known herbs for its many health benefits and calming effects. Its flavour is also well known in cuisine, which can make one imagine exactly how it can taste vaporized.



The taste of peppermint is one of the most common and most refreshing. It is added to many other mediums such as gum, drinks etc. Adding it to the herbs you are used to vape helps make it fresh while keeping certain health benefits. Peppermint can help with digestion, coughs and colds.



Although mostly known for its use as a spice, it is also known for its help soothing menstrual pains as well as help with lack of energy. The flavours are quite powerful as well, resembling its scent, and adding a very typical taste to the whole bouquet.



Sage is great for many ailments, from bloating to sore throats. It complements well with herbs like lavender or peppermint as it has this low note to its flavour.

lemon balm  

Lemon Balm

Another great herb to add to a mix with others for different benefits. It can help with digestive issues, menstrual cramps, and insomnia. the flavours are slightly bitter on top of a flower note. Goes well with hops and chamomile.



Chamomile is well known for its sedative virtues, though it also is great for gastrointestinal complaints and tastes slightly floral. A great herb to mix with others as well.



Thyme works great as a tea for bronchial issues as well as an immune system booster during colds and flues. The flavors are sort of pine-scented and a bit spicy.


All in all, many herbs have interesting and particular flavors that can add another layer to the usual liquid or even tobacco. The fun part is experimenting with different combinations as with a perfume or cooking, finding a complementary between the different notes.

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