What Is The Difference Between e-Cigarettes & Herbal Vaporizers?

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Since vaporizing is a growing market there are more and more devices available to vapers. The problem is many of these devices have different purposes and are best for certain uses… and most commonly people want to know the difference between electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and Vaporizers.

Before we explore them in depth it must be noted that E-cigarettes and Vaporizers essentially function the same as far as operations go. These devices heat the ingredients within, vaporizing these materials instead of burning them like traditional cigarettes do. When vaporizers are heating, the vapor that is released is quite cool and non-irritating to the vapers’ throat, eyes and skin.

Both e-cigs and personal vaporizers function this way. So let’s now explore what makes them different in more detail.


e-Cigarettes have been around for a long time and are still very popular. They are smokeless devices and usually very similar appearance to a cigarette. If not in colour the shape is what gives it awayCIgarette
The standard e-cig would be used with a nicotine-based vape juice and the device would come pre-filled and ready for use. They were even disposable. Once cartridge was empty you would throw it out like a normal cigarette. Today there are other options such as refillable devices.

e-Cigarettes are mainly used with liquids containing a level of nicotine in them, but the pros for this type of inhaling is the smoke is replaced with a vapor which is cleaner for the user and you have, if you choose to, control of the levels of nicotine ingested.

As one would expect, they still have a bad reputation and still banned from sale in some countries.

Advantages of e-Cigarettes

Though nicotine is proven to be bad for your health there is an upside to using e-cigs.

  • Firstly, the vapor is cleaner to inhale compared to smoke from tobacco.

  • Secondly, there are many studies outlining that e-cigarettes may be a great way for smokers to quit. It provides you the control over the level of nicotine you inhale and you can slowly reduce the amount.

  • Finally, if you are quitting smoking, you may get comfort from the familiar shape and similar routine an e-cig provides.

History of e-Cigarettes

The earliest form of an electronic cigarette can be traced to American Herbert A. Gilbert, in 1965 he patented the smokeless cigarette, the device produced flavoured steam without nicotine, however since smoking was still highly fashionable the Gilberts design never became commercialized.

In 2003 Chinese inventor and pharmacists Hon Lik become credited for the modern e-cigs we see today. E-cigarettes were first introduced among the Chinese market since 2004. Since that time devices have been making their way to other parts of the world. By 2006-2007 e-cigarettes were available throughout the North American and European markets.

Let’s now look at the personal vaporizer.

Personal Vaporizers

Personal Vaporizers, on the other hand, are more acceptable and are associated with the act of ‘vaping’. They too are smokeless devices which are used with a variety of dry herbs, liquids and waxes. They are very trendy and becoming widely available around the world.


Vaporizer Featuress

The rise of their popularity is due to people realizing the benefits of vaping and familiarizing themselves with a wide range of devices on the market let alone their different uses.

The designs and shapes are also countless, as you can see from even taking a look at the VapeFuse range. Some of the high tech devices have gone beyond the slim designs and you can barely notice any physical similarities to e-cigs.

History of Vaporizing

Vaporizing can be dated back to as early as the ancient Egyptians, who used to assemble beds of flat stones in the sun and throw plants or seeds onto them and inhale the vapors that would be released. The practice is also known popularly as Aromatherapy.

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

Vaporizing or Aromatherapy has continued to be used for thousands of years throughout the world since then, primarily in Asia.

Vaporizing has become popular among in the U.K., Australia, and North America since about the 1960’s when hookahs (another form of vaporizing) took off.

Advantages of Personal Vaporizer

First, the devices are able to use a variety of substances and many of them are also nicotine/ tobacco free (sage, hops, chamomile etc.). People choose their chosen substances based on personal preference and start vaping for various reason. Whether if it’s for quitting smoking, taking up the trendy activity or perhaps for lifestyle and their well being.

People commonly choose to vape dry herbs and as mentioned it is linked to Aromatherapy. People are now able to enjoy ancient natural remedies through vaping herbs which potentially can improve their well-being.

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Vaping Legislation in Australia

Personal vaporizers and e-cigs go hand in hand when it comes to legal matters as essentially they do the same thing and both can use nicotine related substances if the user chooses to, amongst other substances.

In Australia, there are no laws with completely rule out the sale of vaporizers however there are certain laws related to the use and potential use of substances. These are outlined in the information sheet provided by Quit.org.au here.

In summary, there is partial permission through a two-tier system.

  • Vaporizers/ e-cigarettes are legal to be sold or purchased without nicotine.

  • Poisons legislation only applies to the sale of refills or cartridges containing nicotine.

There are currently no laws restricting the sale or promotion of hardware or zero-nic refills.

No laws prevent the personal importation of nicotine solution for personal or immediate family use only (2012).

We are seeing a spike in growth of vaping in Australia and it is hopefully a sign of the future.

Captivating our Culture

Now, that vaporizing and e-cigarettes have taken off in Australia and the rest of the world, it’s a safe assumption that we are witnessing history and a long culture of vaporizing in the making.

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