The Difference Between Vaping Herbs vs Diffusing Oils for Your Health and Lifestyle

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Vaping herbs and diffusing oils may have benefits to your health and lifestyle according to scientific studies that are coming out on this topic.
A subject that could take up quite a lot of space, but to be concise, we will give you an overview of both.

Please keep in mind we don’t claim any health benefits for vaporizing herbs or diffusing essential oils as we are not qualified health practitioners, however there are plenty of scientific research that seem to point in that direction.

It is often mistaken to use the term “aromatherapy” when using herbs. In short, aromatherapy includes the use of essential and aromatic oils, though herbal at the source, we are talking about the oils only (generally a distillation of herbs, plants, and flowers). Phytotherapy, or herbalism, includes the use of herbs in their fresh or dry forms, most often used in infusions (tea), tinctures, decoction and more.

As a general rule, it is of course always safer to use medicinal plants with the recommendation of a health care provider.

VapeFuse does not claim health benefits for vaporizing or aromatherapy and this guide is for general information only. No decision should be made based on this guide in terms of what is good and what is not for your health. We always recommend to consult a qualified aromatherapist or health practitioner before you proceed with aromatherapy.  

Vaping Herbs

Herbs could be powerful on your health, both as prevention and as treatment. Nothing new about this. They have been used for centuries in different traditions and cultures, however vaporizing them is somewhat new.

A vaporizer heats up the herb to turn it into vapour. As opposed to smoking a herb where you inhale the toxicity of the burnt element, vaping herbs lets you inhale the qualities of the herb. It is therefore a great alternative to smoking in general, and will provide a transition for anybody trying to quit smoking.

Combustion and burning the herbs occurs at a temperature range of 500+ Celsius while during vaporizing the herbs are only heated up to about 120 to 240 Celsius, allowing the herbs to release their ingredients without combusting.

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Using herbs in a vaporizer is a great way to add different flavors to your vaping experience. Adding peppermint to your mix is probably the most common example which adds a crisp fresh taste to your vapor.

Ease Body and Mind

Herbs may also provide some great benefits to your body and mind, for example, eucalyptus has been said to bring some anti-microbial factors directly to the lungs in case of colds and bronchitis. Other herbs like damiana which acts as a natural anti-depressant has been documented to be used to lift one’s moods.

More details on specific benefits of different herbs will be made available soon on our blog.

Diffusing Oils

Some vaporizers can also be used as diffusers.

Diffusing essential oils has shown to be quite effective on a number of health issues on top of providing a nice aromatic atmosphere to the room you are diffusing in. The diffusing option blows the oils into micro fine oxygenated molecules that turn into an almost invisible mist which permeates the air, bringing anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial benefits to purify the room you are diffusing into.

It is generally recommended to diffuse oils for about 15 minutes at a time.

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How It Can Help Your Body

Diffusing oils can have a strong effect on your moods, your emotions, your body. It can soothe and invigorate your spirit, and it can relax you when you feel anxious and nervous. There are other non negligible factors like boosting your immune system, purifying the air, and oxygenating the room.

Recommended Herbs

Diffusing oils like lavender, and bergamot can lift your mood. A mix of lemon, tea-tree, and cilantrooils can eliminate odors. Peppermint and orange oils will help wake you up in the morning.

In short, vaping herbs can add flavor to your mix, and potentially bring some great pleasure and relaxation to you. Diffusing oils brings both nice scents to the room as well as mind and body benefits.

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