Basic Vaporizer Maintenance: Vaping 101

When it comes to herbal vaporizers, a little maintenance can go a long way.

Looking after your beloved device makes a lot of sense as it can help to significantly increase its lifespan.

Small things for example, like giving your herb chamber a quick brush after every use can help to reduce the amount of plant material accumulating on your chamber walls.

That means that you have a lot less of these materials burning onto the chamber walls at every subsequent use.

For more tips on how to perform basic maintenance on your vaporizer, watch the below video.

If you prefer to read to watching, here is the full transcript of the video for you:

Good day guys, Matt from VapeFuse Australia here.

Back again with another video for our Vaping 101 Webinar Series, helping to get Aussies get in the know about herb vaping.

For this video, I’m gonna be touching on Vape Maintenance and Cleaning. Showing you guys just the basic steps that need to be taken to ensure that your vape is kept in tip-top condition.

Most devices come equipped with a simple cleaning brush. I really like this Storz and Bickel Cleaning Brush, it’s got a wooden handle, very easy to use, the bristles are long, they don’t really come attached so you can get into every orifice of the chamber and mouthpiece.

Most devices that you see will come equipped with a brush like this, with the wire handle, it sort of got a plug shape at the end, so it’s useful for getting into those tricky little corners at the bottom of your baking chamber.

If we look at the ALD Amaze WOW, if I was going to give this a basic clean, once I’ve taken the herb out of my chamber or from using the herb pod, included dosing capsule, this makes this whole process a lot easier.

ALD Amaze Portable Vaporizer

But what I do, is I get my cleaning brush, put it inside the chamber, spin it around a bit and sort of just knock out any residual herb particles that may be in there.

Now, with the mouthpiece, you can go ahead and do the same thing. So, this is the old ALD Amaze mouthpiece, it doesn’t feature the silicon insert, it just comes apart in a number of pieces and almost all mouthpieces on vaporizers will come apart, you will be able to give them some sort of detailed clean.

This mouthpiece is obviously gonna pick up, all the resin, tiny herb particles or whatever that’s gonna stick around in the mix.

I’ve opened up the mouthpiece now, removed that filter, just chuck my brush in, give it a nice little clean and we’re not going to be getting any sort of unsavory particles into my mouth.

Now, other devices come with a little bit more detail orientated cleaning method. The PAX3 picture here for example, comes with ten of these prickly cotton picks, so it’s basically just like a pipe cleaner or a little cotton stick and it’s got some coarse fibers on the side to help you get sort of any residual bits of resin or stock down the side your vapor path.

Pax 3 Portable Vaporzier

With the PAX, it’s got this bottom loading aluminum baking chamber, then underneath that baking chamber is a single stainless-steel condensing rod and in that rod, it helps to cool down the vapor before it hits the mouthpiece at the top.

So basically once you’ve popped the mouthpiece off, it reveals just this little metal hole underneath and that’s basically just where that rod is.

So with this pipe cleaner, stick it down the vapor path and any sort of residual bits of oil or herb particles that are stuck in there are going to just come right on out.

In doing that you can pop out that chamber screen at the bottom of the device and really give this thing a detailed clean.

Getting your device back to the way that it was, when you first bought it, is super important if you’re looking to get the same flavor and effect.

It’s just like with a pipe, if you’re going to be smoking from a pipe and you’re going to be using sort of the same pipe a day after day, without replacing it or giving it clean, you’re gonna get those disgusting residual flavors of ash or whatever you’re dealing with.

It’s the same as herbs, if you’ve got them Damiana or Lavender loaded up in your vape, it’s continuously using it and loading up another chamber without giving it a bit of a scrub, it’s gonna have a bad time and not really get the most out of your device.

Now I’m going even further into the detail-orientated pathway. We’ve got the glass parts of the Arizer devices, so the Arizer Air, Solo, Extreme Q etc, all come equipped with these glass parts.

Obviously you can give them a little bit of a clean with the brush, but most of the time all that resin in there is so sticky, you’ll gonna get your brush stuck up, quick smart, so the best way to clean these is there’s some 100% pure Isopropyl Alcohol.

Cleaning Arizer Solo Aroma Tubes

So, basically what you want to do is just give your glass bits, just to soak in this jar for a couple of days or even a short period if you’re going to give them a bit of a brush as well.

After a couple of days soaking in there or just sort of bubble melt off and into the alcohol and then after that, you just gonna make sure that you’re giving your glass parts a nice wash with some hot water, so it doesn’t have any of that alcohol in there, that could possibly be vaporized.

The last method I’m going to touch on, is just this compressed air, so this is useful, sort of camera equipment anything like that, that needs to be given a detailed clean and if you’re using a compressor, there’s a possibility of any dust particles from the air, being sort of pushed forward into your device as well.

So using one like this that sort of has contained air, that’s pure and the inside is perfect.

If you had a vape like the Arizer Solo, it doesn’t actually come into contact so the herb, won’t even come into contact with this chamber, but little particles can sort of fall out of the glass tube down into the inside of the chamber.

If you see there’s sort of any blockages or whatever and sort of just hit it with this a little bit on the inside just making sure that you’re not doing it for too long and so any little airways and you pass it a blocked in now just be automatically cleaned up.

That’s pretty much it guys, that’s a basic maintenance guide, obviously, anything a little bit deeper can be found inside your vape manual that comes equipped with it.

But we hope this helps you keep the device and shipshape condition. Please subscribe to the channel, remember to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in herb vaping news and tech. Thanks guys.

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