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Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I turn my Air on?

A: To turn your Air vaporizer on just press and hold the center of the up and down buttons for a few secs.

Q: How to enable and disable the sound or beep on my Arizer Air?

A: To manage your Audio/Beep sounds, simply power on the device, then press and hold the Up Arrow button for approximately 2 seconds.

Q: How tight do you need to pack your Arizer Glass Stems?

A: Always pack it loose to ensure that the hot air can easily circulate through your dry herbs as you take a draw.

Arizer Glass Aroma Tube with Levander

Q: I lost my instructional manual, can I request a copy?

A: Definitely. Please feel free to contact Arizer directly and they will be in touch as soon as possible and help you out.

Q: What makes the Arizer Air easier to draw compared with the Arizer Solo?

A: Both models, the Arizer Air and Solo come with the same stainless steel chambers and heating mechanism. So the Air’s easier drawing experience comes down to the smaller (shorter) glass aroma tubes, which provide better airflow in comparison to the Solo. Please note, all Air glass stems can be used with the Solo and vice versa.

Arizer Solo and Air

 *For your information, the Arizer Air comes with short, straight stems. You can use the Arizer Solo straight and curved glass stems with the Arizer Air (long straight and curved stems are not included in the Arizer Air kit).

Q: How much herbs can I put into the Arizer Air chamber?

A: Approximate capacity: 0.5 grams

Q: Hey I’m a first-time-user. How do I fit the stem glass easily into my Arizer Air?

A: It is a MUST to warm up the unit to a high temperature before inserting the glass stem. This makes the stem easier to insert. Do this for a couple of times and there will be less resistance after a few uses.

Q: What is the heating chamber made of?

A: The Air comes with a High-Grade Ceramic Heating Chamber.

Arizer Air Heating Chamber

Q: Can I use the Air for oils or wax?

A: The Arizer Portable Vaporizers are suitable for dry herbs use only. However, it comes with a potpourri dish in the kit. You can put a couple of drops of essential oil in the glass bowl, heat it up and enjoy the aroma.

Q: Where can I find the Serial Number of this device?

A: The serial number of your Arizer Air is located on the bottom of the device, on the battery cap.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Serial Number

Q: What are the available colors?

A: The Arizer Air comes in 3 great colors, Black, Titanium, and Silver. 

Q: Does the Arizer Air come with an auto shut off mechanism?

A: Yep, the device will shut off after running for 10 minutes.

Arizer Air portable vaporzier

Q: What are the dimensions of the Arizer Air portable vaporizer?

A: It is about 110g and 122mm x 29mm diameter.

Silver Airizer Air Vape

Q: Can I use my Solo stem with my Arizer Air? I just LOVE Arizer vapes…

A: Yes, sure no probs at all, feel free to swap them anytime.

Arizer Solo and Air

 * For your information the Solo long and curved glass stems are not included in the Arizer Air kit, however, they are available for purchase @VapeFuse.

Q: I got a Silver Air for my birthday, I really don’t like its color, however, I started using it already, can I still exchange it?

A: Unfortunately, once the device has been used it cannot be exchanged anymore, sorry. We can only replace vaporizers in their original packaging unused. 

Q: Can I use the aroma dish for inhalation?

A: The best is to use the stem with dry herbs for inhalation and use the aroma dish for aromatherapy.

Q: My brother got an Arizer Air too, however, the stems in his kit are slightly different to mine… Why is that?

A: The Arizer glass parts can slightly vary as they are all handmade.

Q: I want to use my Arizer Air as an on the go vape, do you have any case that fits this vaporizer in?

A: The Arizer Air comes complete with a case in the box. You can protect your Air from elements, while you are on the go and you can also fit your two glass mouthpieces into the case.

Arizer Air in carry puch

Q: What’s included in the Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer kit?

A: Please check out the below video:

Q: What does flashing blue light mean on my Arizer Air?

A: When the blue light is flashing on your Arizer Air vaporizer, it means that your device is heating.

Q: What does the solid blue light mean?

A: The solid blue light means that your Arizer Air reached the required temperature level, you can start vaping. 

Q: What is the recommended temperature when using the Arizer Air?

A: It is best to start with the lowest temperature which is BLUE (180°C / 356°F). Then you can always increase the temperature depending on your preference and the optimal vaporizing temperature of the herbal blend you are vaporizing. Some would prefer the WHITE (190°C / 374°F) and GREEN (200°C / 392°F) temperatures. Just always be mindful that RED (210°C / 410°F) is the hottest setting and you can move from one temperature to the other. Here are the temperature settings for the Arizer Air:

Level 1 (Blue)180°C / 356°F
Level 2 (White)190°C / 374°F
Level 3 (Green)200°C / 392°F
Level 4 (Orange)205°C / 401°F
Level 5 (Red) 210°C / 410°F

Air analog control and LED

Q: How can I switch between temperatures on my Air?

A: You can increase the temperature by pressing the UP arrow and you can decrease the temperature by pressing the DOWN button.

Q: It takes so long to find my preferred temperature level every time when I switch the Air on, any suggestions?

A: If you wish to recall the temperature that you previously used, just press the DOWN button for 2 seconds.

Q: Can I use the Arizer Air while charging?

A: Yes, however, you have to partially charge the battery first (15-20 minutes) to be able to continue using it, while it is on the charger.

Q: Is there any way of checking to see how much charge you have left in the Arizer Air without shutting it down and restarting the device?

A: The best way to check how much charge you have left is to check the LED. When the lower LED light glows solid red, that means the battery needs to be recharged. Unfortunately, it might be late already and your Air will shut down soon. So make sure you always have a spare battery on hand, so you can keep enjoying your vaping session.

Q: How often do I need to charge my battery? After each use?

A: For optimum performance, it is best to fully cycle the battery (fully drain then full recharge), but it is okay to top up the charge if necessary.

Q: Any difference of the Air versus the Solo when it comes to battery life?

A: The Solo has a battery life of about 1.5 hours on a full charge while the Air has about 1 hour on a fully charged battery.

Arizer Solo and Air Vapes

Q: I guess I need a new battery for my Air, can I use any battery or the one made by Arizer only?

A: To ensure the quality and safety of your Arizer Air vaporizer, you should only use genuine Arizer Air Batteries. We cannot verify the quality or safety of other batteries, and using 3rd party batteries may result in personal injury, electric shock, and damage to the device which is not covered under warranty.

Arizer Air Replaceable 18650 Battery

Q: How many uses per charge do you get from a fully charged Arizer Air Battery?

A: The Air Battery should last for approximately 3-5 uses per charge for you. It will depend on the temperature level that you are using and if you let your device run for the full cycle (10 minutes) or switch it off sooner. It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery, depending on if you are using the Arizer Air while it’s charging or not.

Q: Where can I find the charging port on the Arizer Air?

A: You can find the charging port just right at the back of the device.

Arizer Air Charging Port

Q: Can I charge my Arizer Air with the Arizer Solo charger?

A: No, the two chargers are slightly different. You need a specific charger for the Air to be able to use it.

Arizer Air and Solo Chargers

Q: Does the Arizer Air comes with a USB charger?

A: No, the Arizer Air comes with a 5V/1.2A adapter charger.

Q: I think my Air doesn’t work properly, once the light is solid red it shuts off in a few minutes.

A: Nothing to worry. Solid Red means it’s time to charge your battery or replace it with a spare charged one.

Q: My Arizer Air is on the charger. When do I know it’s fully charged, so I can remove it from the charger?

A: When the light is not flashing Green anymore but turns to solid green, then it’s time to take your Air off from the charger.

Q: My Arizer Air charger does not work anymore. I have a spare charger for my old phone, can I use that?

A: Always use a genuine Arizer Air charger for charging your vaporizer. Any damage caused by a 3rd party charger is not covered by the warranty.

The Air portable vape by Arizer

Q: How can I replace my battery?

A: Just unscrew the battery cap at the bottom of the device and replace the battery. Make sure you insert the new battery in the correct way.

Q: How do I know when to start charging my Arizer Air device?

A: When the LED glows solid Red then it’s time to charge your Air or replace the battery to a fully charged one.

Q: My Air is on the charger, why is it flashing GREEN?

A: Nothing to worry about, flashing green light just indicates that the Arizer Air is charging.

Q: Can I use my Air while it’s on the car charger?

A: Sure not a problem at all, you can use your Air vape while it’s on the regular charger or on the car charger.

Q: Do you sell any screens for the Arizer Air?

A: Arizer, the maker of the products, does not supply screens with their Air (or Solo) portable vaporizers. These devices are designed to be used with medium to coarsely ground dry herbs. 
If you are like some of the members in our VapeFuse community, prefer to vaporize finely ground herbs, then you can place a filter or mesh screen into your glass stem to avoid small pieces of herbal materials getting into your mouthpiece.

Q: Does the Arizer Air come with an Australian power adapter?

A: Sure the Arizer Air comes with an Aussie adapter, and you can also get a European or a UK Version if you need one.

Q: What is the silicone cap for?

A: The silicon cap protects the end of your stem, which can be handy if you carry your vaporizer around a lot. You can also preload the glass stem and pop the cap on to store or transport your herbal material for later use. And you can also use the silicone cap to place it on the mouthpiece during vaporizing to save your vapor between two draws.

Arizer Air with GrindeRoo

Q: I literally spend my whole life in my car, do you have car chargers available for the Arizer Air?

A: Yes, a car charger is available for the Arizer Air.

Q: How do I clean the glass stems of my Arizer Air?

A: First, remove the plastic mouthpiece from the glass stem.
Next, soak the glass stem in rubbing alcohol or dish soap for 5-10 minutes (or as long as it needs soaking). Rinse with hot water and repeat as necessary. Then wipe it dry.

Q: Would a new battery help if my Arizer Air shuts off before the 10-minute auto shut-off period is reached?

A: Please ensure the battery is inserted correctly and the battery cap is fully screwed on (but not too tight). Then give the battery a full 3+ hour charge to see if it helps.

If your Air still shuts off before the 10-minute auto shut off, please click here to register your warranty claim.

Q: My Arizer Air will not turn on even if it’s completely charged.

A: Your Arizer Air needs a throughout check. Please register your warranty claim with the retailer you purchased from.

Q: Are the glass parts covered by the warranty?

A: Glass parts are not covered under warranty, however, we store all available glass parts for the Arizer Air. Feel free to check them out here.

Q: My charger does not work anymore. Is it covered under the warranty?

A: Sure, not a problem. Once you made sure that your charger is faulty and not the vaporizer itself, please fill in the Warranty Registration form here and if you purchased your unit within a year, then we can replace the charger for you.

Q: Is there a way to reset the Arizer Air, I don’t like the auto-shutoff feature?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to “reset” your vaporizer as such. What you can do instead, is to ensure your battery cap is properly screwed on (but not too tight). If the battery cap is too loose or too tight it could potentially cause a problem.

If you think there is a problem with the device, register your warranty claim.

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