Ald Amaze WOW Digital Portable Vaporizer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I switch on and off the the Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer?

A: To turn on or off the vaporizer, press the middle button 5 times within 2 seconds.

ALD Amaze Buttons

Q: Does the WOW Ald Amaze Portable Vaporizer come with a digital display?  

A: Yes, this vaporizer comes with a 0.96 inch OLED display.

Q: How do I discontinue the heating process if I want to stop for a while?

A: You just need to press the middle button twice quickly, while it is heating up, so the device will pause and the ‘Standby’ mode will appear on the display.

Q: How do I continue using the vaporizer after ‘Standby’ mode?

A: Press the middle button twice quickly to resume operations.

ALD Amaze WOW Vaporizer

Q: How long does each session last with the WOW vape?

A: One session lasts for 6 minutes. You can actually see the timer on the display, which is very handy. You always know where you are up to in your vaporizing session.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Ald Amaze WOW vaporizer?

A: This device measures 123.7mm high, 35mm wide and 23mm deep.

WOW Vaporizer

Q: Can I use the Ald Amaze WOW with oils or concentrates?

A: The Ald Amaze WOW is a dry herb vaporizer only.

Q: Does the WOW vaporizer come with auto shut off feature?

A: The WOW portable vape doesn’t come with this feature. You need to press the middle button 5 times in the row to shut off the device.

Q: What does ‘Puff’ mean on the digital display?

A: This refers to the number of times (sessions) the unit was used and it also helps you track your daily/weekly usage.

Q: When does the vaporizer count a session as a ‘puff’?

A: Every time the device heats up above 90 Celsius, the number of puffs will increase.

Q: What does ‘Running’ and ‘Setting’ mean on the digital display?

A: When the vaporizer is in use, the digital display will show ‘Running’. While you are setting the temperature, the vaporizer is in ‘Setting’ mode.

Q: What is included in the WOW Portable Vaporizer kit?

A:The package includes:

1 x Heat-Not-Burn Device
1 x USB Cable
1 x Clean Brush
1 x Utility Tool
2 x Herb Chamber
1 x User Manual

Q: Does the WOW Vaporizer come with preset or with adjustable temperature settings?

A: This vaporizer comes with adjustable digital temperature control.

Q: What are the available temperature settings with the Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer?

A: The temperature setting can be adjusted between 100 and 260 Celsius.

WOW Vaporizer by ALD Amaze Digital Display

Q: How long does it take to heat up the vaporizer?

A: The Ald Amaze WOW vaporizer heating time is less than a minute.

Q: How do I change from one temperature to another? 

A: First, activate settings by pressing the “+” or “-“ button. Then press the same buttons to increase or decrease the temperatures.

Q: Can I swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

A: The digital display shows the temperature in both, Celsius and Fahrenheit at the same time.

WOW Silver

Q: Why are there two different temperatures displayed on the vaporizer?

A: The bigger numbers on the digital display indicate the actual temperature of the unit, while the smaller ones show the preset temperature.

Q: What herbs are best to use with the WOW vaporizer?

A: Due to its wide range of temperature (100°C – 260°C) setting, you can literally use this vape with any dry herb materials.

WOW with Dry Herbs

Q: How do I know when I need to charge my vaporizer?

A: The digital display indicates the battery level at all time. Make sure you put your vape on charger before the battery gets fully drained.

Q: Is the battery in-built or removeable?

A: The Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer has a high-quality and long-lasting built-in Polymer lithium battery.

Q: Approximately how many sessions can I get from a fully charged battery?

A: The fully charged WOW battery can last up to 7 sessions (6 minutes/session).

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the WOW Portable Vaporizer?

A: It takes about 60-70 minutes to completely charge the vape.

Q: Does the WOW Vaporizer come with a USB Cable?

A: The Ald Amaze WOW Portable Vaporizer has a USB charging cord, that attaches to the device with a magnetic end.

Q: Does overnight charging affect the battery life of this vaporizer?

A: The WOW vaporizer will turn off the charging function once the vape is fully charged. You cannot overcharge it.

WOW USB Charger

Q: What are the dosing capsules made of?

A: They are made out of aluminium alloy.

Q: What are the dosing capsules for?

A: The capsules are little compartments with a tick on or screw on top. The divider and the finishes of the cases have ‘screen like’ gaps on them for good airflow. They can be preloaded, as they are designed to hold your dry herb materials. Once you are ready to vaporize, just insert a loaded capsule into your chamber, put the mouthpiece back on and turn your device on.

WOW Dosing capsule

Q: What are the benefits of using dosing capsules?


  • Dosing capsules can be preloaded with your favourite ground dry herbs and you can always carry them with you, making your vaporizing experience even more easier.
  • Using the dosing capsules, the chamber of the WOW vaporizer is not in direct contact with the herbs, therefore they are making it easier to keep your vaporizer clean.

Q: Can I get some spare dosing capsules for my WOW.

A: Sure, click here and grab an extra pod now.

Q: What other vaporizers come with Dosing Capsules?

A: The Storz & Bickel, Flowermate and Focus Vape vaporizers also come with a similar feature of cool preloadable pods.

Q: Do I need to clean the vaporizer regularly?

A: Due to the dosing capsules feature of the WOW vaporizer, the chamber does not require much maintenance. Make sure you empty any excess herbal materials from your chamber after each session, using the supplied cleaning brush. Depending on the frequency of your use, you only need to clean the mouthpiece periodically. All you need to do is pull the mouthpiece apart –, and soak it in hot water for a while.

WOW Mouthpiece

Q: Does the Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer come with warranty?

A: Yes, the vaporizer is covered by one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Q: If something is wrong with my device, how can I process my warranty claim?

A: All you need to do is to fill in the Warranty Form, and we’ll get back to you with more information shortly.

Watch the WOW Ald Amaze Portable Vaporizer Product Review Video by Matt below:

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