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5 Reasons Why the Arizer Extreme Q is Australia’s Favourite Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers have been around for over 20 years and they provide a very convenient way to vaporize at home.

As a matter of fact, the very first vaporizer ever made was a desktop vaporizer, portable models were developed a few years later.

I won’t go into details why you need a desktop vaporizer and won’t compare them to portable vapes here, Matt has recently done that on a video that you can check out here.

In this post, I am going to share with you the 5 reasons why the Arizer Extreme Q has been outselling all other desktop vapes in Australia year after year.

Arizer Extreme Q Desktop Vape

Here at VapeFuse Australia, we supply more Extreme Q’s than any other desktop vapes combined. They outsell the competition big time and show no avail in popularity.

What makes this Canadian made model so popular in Australia?

Let me share with you the reasons why I think this is.

#5 – They are well built, very solid and last for a long time

The Arizer Extreme Q is a very well designed vaporizer, not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of longevity.

My Extreme Q has been running strong for 4 years now and never had any trouble. We have supplied shiploads of Extreme Q’s at VapeFuse over the years and these things hardly ever break down.

Don’t let the glass construction of the Extreme Q vaporizer scare you away. The patented glass Cyclone Bowl generates outstanding quality vapor and glass is also quite easy to clean.

There has been a lot of thought going into the design and construction of this vaporizer and it all contributes towards the user experience.

The Extreme Q is a Canadian made product and Canadian manufacturing usually produces high-quality products. Even the glass parts are handmade in Canada and it must have something to do with how reliable the Extreme Q’s are.

#4 – Dual function, Balloon and Whip Style vaping suits everyone

The Extreme Q is a dual function vape that can do both, balloon and whip-style vapor delivery exceptionally well.

Sometimes dual-function devices are not perfect at either of their functions. We have all seen washing machine and dryer combos that are not really good at either washing nor drying the clothes.

The Extreme Q is surely not one of those devices.

Arizer Extreme Q Dual Function Vaporizer

The Q has been built on the design of the V Tower, Arizer’s whip only vape. The Whip function was already perfect in the V Tower, however, it did not have a fan and could not blow balloons.

With the Extreme Q, Arizer added a quiet fan (Extreme Q stands for ‘extremely quiet’) and glass parts for balloon function and nailed it.

The result is a dual vape that is extremely good at vaping whip-style and with the balloon collection method as well.

On top of that, you can also use the inbuilt fan while vaping with the whip to get some assistance with your draw.

Being very effective with a balloon and the whip makes the Extreme Q appeal to a broad audience and it surely has a lot to do with its popularity.

#3 – It comes with a remote control

The Extreme Q is the only vaporizer that I know of that comes with a very useful remote control.

Arizer Extreme Q with remote control

You can turn it on and off and set all functions via the remote, so you can literally operate the unit without leaving your couch. How cool is that?

The remote control even provides you with functions that can only be set from the remote – not from the device.

An example would be the preset temperatures that you can just press to set the temperature of your Extreme Q heating element.

Remote control for Arizer Extreme Q

All the temperatures are displayed on the remote are in Celsius, not Fahrenheit, making it easier for us here in Australia.

#2 – Has been around for over a decade

The Extreme Q is a well-tested vaporizer after being around for over a decade. Initially released in 2007, this vaporizer has been improved from year to year to become better and better.

Arzier Extreme Q with Balloon

As a result, the Extreme Q today is one of the best made and most successful vaporizers on the market.

You can rest assured that the manufacturer will be around for a long time to come if you need any parts or support years down the track.

#1 – Hard to beat in value

The Extreme Q delivers a lot of value for less than 250 dollars.

It is really hard to beat on value as most vaporizers that can compete on vapor quality are a lot more expensive.

Arizer Extreme Q Vape

For a Canadian made device that is equally outstandingly good for vaping with a whip and balloon delivery, it is jam-packed with value.

You are getting a couple of Cyclone Bowls, replacement screens and even a potpourri dish in the box and should not think about replacement parts for a while.

When it comes to replacing any glass parts or stainless steel screens, they are inexpensive and widely available.

The Extreme Q is one of the best value vaporizers ever made and has been released in the marketplace and contributed more towards its popularity than anything else.


There are many reasons why we Aussies love the Arizer Extreme Q and have so many of these vaporizers operating in Australia.

They simply work and are affordable compared to other similar devices. If you would like to learn more about the Extreme Q, feel free to watch our detailed review of it below: